Tips for a Trendy and Functional Interior Design

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Interior design is all about self-expression and functionality. Are you about to redecorate your home in 2013? You can rely on several practical and modern interior design tips and home decoration ideas.

The right interior design takes into consideration your personality and the needs of your family. In 2013, interior design is going to be warm, practical and playful. You can incorporate several intriguing ideas in your decorations to make them both contemporary and personalized.

Interior Design Ideas for the Bedroom
Several interesting 2013 interior design trends will give you a chance to completely transform the appearance of your bedroom.

Pastel tones will be exceptionally popular in 2013 and these colors are perfect for a peaceful and relaxing bedroom. The wall paint can be beige, light purple, pastel blue or even green. These tones speak of serenity and they work well with all kinds of house decoration ideas.

Pillows and rugs in bright colors will add spots of freshness and vibrancy throughout the bedroom. Use such decorations to contrast the pastel tones and to bring the interior design to life.

Are you looking for something more stylish and sophisticated in appearance? A black and white bedroom is the perfect way to achieve the goal. You can still add spots of colors through red or purple pillows but monochromatic decorations have their charm, as well.

The Modern Living Room
The interior design tips and home decoration ideas for the living room should focus on comfort but this space can be more playful than the bedroom.

Floral ornaments on the wall create some retro chic. Alternatively, you can go for wallpapers that brag geometric art patterns because these have been embraced by interior designers in 2013. Floral wallpapers work perfectly with wooden furniture, which will bring some warmth and comfort to the living room.

Go for sunny colors like yellow and orange. These could either be applied to the walls or you can get accessories that are bright, fun and warm.

Artwork can transform the living room even further. When it comes to style and colors, it is up to you and your understanding of art. You can have black and white graphics, stretched canvas prints or oil painted landscapes – just choose the pieces that will work harmoniously with the furniture and the color scheme of preference. There are some great quality online art galleries in Australia to choose from, try for one.

Kitchen Design Ideas for 2013
The kitchen is probably the most functional room in the house. At the same time, you can make it aesthetically pleasing and contemporary through several simple interior design modifications.

The 2013 interior design tips and home decoration ideas for the kitchen focus on personalization. The kitchen in 2013 will be minimalist, yet relying on warm natural materials and colors.

Natural textures and materials are one of the hottest 2013 trends. They will work perfectly in the functional kitchen. Wood and marble countertops are a classic combination, which remains popular and trendy.

Induction cooktops will bring some modernity to the warm and natural kitchen. This modern piece of equipment will contrast the wooden cabinets perfectly, creating the necessary visual interest. When it comes to the tiles, choose the ones that resemble wood or natural stone to continue the theme and to create some consistency.

All storage spaces should be positioned conveniently to make moving around the kitchen easy. Functionality is still a top priority because of the manner in which the kitchen is used. A small kitchen can be transformed in a spacious room through the proper placement of cabinets and kitchen shelves.

The Contemporary Bathroom
Modern bathrooms are exciting, clean and minimalist.

The trends already mentioned in the article will apply to the bathroom, as well. Natural materials and elements that resemble the texture of wood add some warmth to the typically sterile bathroom.

Mirrors in the bathroom create the feeling of spaciousness, especially if they are placed to capture light. The same rule applies to light sources. Having a brighter bathroom will create all of the space that you need, regardless of the size of the room itself.

Finally, you can make the bathroom much more eco-friendly. Choose faucets and pieces that use smaller amounts of water. Recycled items and repurposed pieces of bathroom furniture will make a statement, while giving you a chance to do something beneficial for the nature.

Design is going to be exciting and fresh in 2013. Choose your favorite elements and have fun redecorating your house. Focus on warmth, convenience and functionality for the best possible results.