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We have a great collection of map art canvas prints including ancient maps of the world, maps from England, Mexico, France and Germany both modern and old plus some cool underground maps for Berlin, London and other cities. These maps make great vintage wall art pieces. As with all our artworks, these prints are delivered ready to hang straight on the wall including quality wooden stretcher bars/frames.

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We make maps into Art! Whether it is a world map canvas or some world map wall art we have a huge selection. It doesn’t matter if your style is modern or ancient map prints we certainly have the map you are looking for. All our maps are beautifully selected to suit your decor.

Perhaps you like maps of ancient places to give your room a scholarly feel? Our Ancient World Maps look fantastic on anyone’s study wall. Maybe you have a budding archaeologist in the family who would appreciate the thoughtfulness of an Ancient world map art print. Our Latin World map art is also very popular with all kinds of people. For your retro-loving friends and family, we also offer the Vintage map poster which can be purchased framed or unframed.

If you are looking for a more decorative framed world map, we offer a wide variety of styles. Some of our maps are fantastic watercolour world maps, and they are so pretty when they hang on the wall of a naturally lit part of your home, like a family room or a romantic bedroom wall.

Modern art lovers will also see we have a selection of world map wall hangings that are uniquely made with their tastes in mind. We have several maps in the Mondrian style of painting and also several in an abstract style to suit all your decor needs.

World map wall art Australia

If you want something map related that is unique to you we also make word map art. That is a map of a city or place made with the words of the location instead of the pictures. This style is also known as a typographic text image, and we have some examples as a map of Australia and also as a map of Sydney.

Commemorate a marvellous holiday or a special occasion with a map of the city where you met that special someone or had that great holiday. Paris, London, New York, we have them all available for you to hang as your special wall map. Perhaps you want to remember an Australian holiday, we can help with that too. Local destinations are a speciality with us.

Our world map wall hangings come in a range of colours and styles to ensure you find the exact look you want. All our map art is made here in Australia for our local customers. We are the Australian map art specialists. We can make nd supply exactly what you need and we are always available for advice on your decorative map art needs.