Abstract and Contemporary Wall Art

We have more than 300 beautiful abstract and contemporary wall art designs available on the site with a variety of different styles from beautiful abstract creations using a variety of shapes and colours, stunning photos of Jellyfish in fluorescent light to stunning surreal and abstract wall art created from fire photography. Many of the artworks are by unnamed artists however there are also a few by well-known artists spanning a number of generations from Gerhard Richter to Takashi Murakami or Wassily Kandinsky to recent artists such as Courtney Prahl.

Abstract Pictures on Canvas

We have kept this abstract and contemporary category open to a wide variety of styles all encapsulated under this umbrella. You will also find similar artworks under the modern art category on this site as there is a bit of a crossover between abstract artwork and modern art, under the modern art category you will find many of the famous artists such as Piet Mondrian or Gustav Klimt.

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Museum Quality Contemporary and Abstract Art without the Pricetag
Abstract Art has always been favoured within the art world. Nowadays, it is even more popular than ever before. Whatever you are looking for, you will find something for sure.
We have one of the most extensive Abstract and Contemporary art collections available, and they are of top quality. Now you can have the best pieces on your walls in canvas or print without breaking the bank paying gallery prices. Each piece can stand alone, be pared, or will make a high focal point, and we have something for everyone.

Abstract and Contemporary Art Online is in Demand.
Cosmic Butterflies is a very bold piece with great detail. It would serve as a great focal piece and is sturdy enough also to sand alone. The Beauty Of Aerodynamics, Smoke is another
canvas print is another you won’t want to miss. If you want something more abstract, then Midnight in the City or Into the Clouds may be what you are looking for instead.

Two totally opposite in influence but equally as well crafted are the Rage Flower Thrower and Banksy Balloon Girl, Collage 2 offers a hint of colour if the black and white theme is too dark for your taste. A Patchwork of Yearning and Islands Abstract 2 are others that will offer just enough colour to make a fantastic conversation piece. However, Time to Go by Chiara Magni in the Abstract collection adds a gorgeous splash of colour to your walls that suits many styles and design preferences.

What’s the Difference Between Abstract Art and Contemporary Art?
If you aren’t sure which you would be more interested in, clearly understanding the difference is critical. For instance, as a fundamental rule, contemporary art is in production as we speak, but the abstract is not defined by any set era. While the two may sometimes be used interchangeably, there are some subtle differences.

There is no set classification for what defines art to be abstract. It does not have to belong to a particular time or artist to be deemed as being abstract art. More and more are drawn to these fantastic conversation pieces. Knowing the difference helps you make a more educated purchase ensuring you get precisely what you are looking for in the end.

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Our Abstract Art Collection allows art enthusiasts to find the pieces that they love easily and affordable. You can browns our abstract and contemporary art gallery online and see for yourself how many amazing and quality canvases and prints are available.

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You are sure to love your new piece to start our unique art collection or add to an existing one. You can also count on exceptional customer service, so if for any reason you are not satisfied, just let us know. We look forward to enriching your space and your life with our beautiful collection of abstract wall art online.