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Blue Horizon Prints are the foremost retailer of Canvas Prints Online, we have a massive variety of both products styles and types along with over 3000+ unique designs. On our site each artwork is currently available as either a framed print, stretched canvas print, unstretched or rolled canvas print or just printed on either fine art paper or rag paper, on request we can also print on metallic paper, floating frames, acrylics or even block frames.

Each of our artworks can be bought in any of the above formats, here are some of the art categories we have available on our site;

Canvas Prints OnlineWe are based In Noosa, Australia and specialise in cheap canvas prints online with all of our artworks available at low prices but made using the highest quality materials, we are 100% confident that we offer the best value for money in Australia for purchasing quality art prints at the cheapest prices (for comparative quality).  In addition to great quality artwork, we also offer a barrel load of free services that nearly all our competitors charge extra for such as free delivery not just in Australia BUT also free delivery anywhere in the UK and USA! That is great value!

Our website is extremely easy to use, here is a short guide in case you get stuck, however always feel free to contact us, we love to hear from our customers.

1. Print your favourite photos onto canvas here, simply upload your photo, choose your preferences such as size, shape, colour, wrap and process payment and a few days later your art will arrive, delivered by courier.
2. To order art from our online canvas art gallery simply navigate to the category you are interested in, we have helpfully added some links to the categories shown above, we have a great range of artworks, just find one you like and follow the simple instructions to place an order. We use a highly encrypted 3rd party payment system to protect the security of our customers.

Contact us today to inquire about our amazing online canvas printing services and see what the buzz is really about and why everyone is talking about Blue Horizon Prints.

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