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We are an authorised seller of prints by Leonid Afremov. Leonid Afremov is a Russian–Israeli modern impressionistic artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils. He developed his own unique technique and style which is immediately recognisable. Based in Mexico, but drawing heavily on his youth and later travels around European cities, his signature style is bold and colourful oil paint application of European scenes such as street scenes from Paris and Amsterdam and rainy Autumnal evenings.

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The Art of Leonid Afremov

In the day when most artworks somehow look like the main reason for their existence is to propagate some political ideology or agenda, there is a modern impressionistic artist whose arts reflect nothing but natural beauty, serenity, social injustice, inspiration, motivation, energy, feeling, or human nature.

In our opinion, Leonid Afremov was one of the most underrated artists of this age. Like most other passionate artists, Leonid doesn’t enjoy commercialization of the art much. You will rarely find him in an art exhibition or at an art gallery yet his gorgeous canvas paintings and wall art prints stand testament to his talent.

Leonid is one of the most honest artists that we have ever come across. He doesn’t hide the fact that he designed and made propaganda posters, themed rooms and walls for communist events and holidays. In this day and age, when communist ideology and communist countries are criticized day and night by the mainstream media of all democracies and communist leaders like Kim Jong Un are considered the most evil people, it takes a “man” to confess his past dealings with the communists and how he was involved in propagating their ideology and agenda.

He used palette-knife instead of regular brushes not as a gimmick to becoming popular but because he enjoys it and feels that he can paint better, more lively and something different using this technique. He developed this technique by accident and it’s been over a decade that he’s been painting this way and he still thinks that he is far away from being perfect using palette-knife as a painting tool.

Mr Afremov’s life is full of inspiration and why you should never give up on your dreams and desires. At age 14, he lost one of his kidneys, throughout his youth and half of his middle-age he faced lots of Anti-Semitism, later half of his middle-age he struggled to make a living and raise his kids, but he never gave up and proved to be a success and even the greatest hero for a few rookie artists.
We are lucky to be able to offer more 50 great Leonid Afremov Art Prints on this site ranging from his classic, vibrantly colourful Russian & Parisian street scenes to Flower Pictures and even some animals.

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Inspired from his world travels and authentic Leonid Afremov’s paintings, these prints and canvases reflect his personal memory and evoke emotion. These are art masterpieces that focus on the feeling more than they do the story using bright, vivid colours and an inspirational recreation of his surroundings.

These are fantastic pieces for any art lover of any age and with any sense of design style or type. They can stand alone, be paired, or be added flawlessly as a focal point to a gallery wall. There is no doubt that. However, you choose to display your Leonid Afremov. It’s going to be a fantastic conversation piece and add style to any room of your home or office.

Who was Leonid Afremov, the artist?
The Russian artist, Leonid Afremov, was an Israeli modern impressionistic artist. He created a style and pallet, unlike any other over his 25 years of creativity. One thing that differentiates him from other artists is how he captures the city scenes, cats playing jazz, the vintage cars, and seascapes, just to name a few.

One of the most memorable by Leonid Afremov, When Dreams Come True, is available to buy this and other oil paintings online from the Impressionist period. This is a vibrant and beautiful masterpiece that is absolutely beautiful with reds, blues, yellows, and reds that blend spectacularly. This is a very soulful piece that speaks to an art enthusiast on such a deep and meaningful level.

Leonid Afremov is, without a doubt, one of the most distinguished contemporary artists known to date for his unusual painting manner.
He is well respected for his ability to radiate a powerful emotional impact through his artworks, which evoke a significant impression on the human soul. The prints that you will find here are stunningly crafted to give way to the legendary artist and all he captured throughout his journey. These are remarkable canvases that will stand out and up to any masterpiece in your collection.

Leonid Afremov Prints for Sale

Any space will come alive with an Afremov canvas print, and it’s never been easier to buy online. The great thing is you know what you are getting, and that quality matters. Quality you will find in each carefully crafted canvases or Leonid Afremov print you see here.

We have been able to capture the authentic quality of his works on prints and canvases that are museum quality, and Leonid Afremov prints Australia has all of the style and soul that will bring a little bit of magic to your space. However, Leonid Afremov prints are in limited stock.

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