Abstract Art

Abstract and contemporary art are such unique and popular art forms because they use a combined visual language of form, colour, shapes and size to create compositions which exist independently from visual references in the world. The images are meant to remind us of familiar objects but as departures from realities stand alone as unique pieces of imagination.

abstract art, contemporary artworkOur collection of abstract and contemporary art perfectly fits the most unique of personal spaces, offices, or waiting rooms. Each piece from our collection dazzles with tantalizing effects that hold the viewer distant enough that they only experiences his or her own sensations without thinking of a specific object but is more inspired by its shapes and colours.

Take for example the sharp and vivid colour effects using light that appears so brilliantly in Aqua Clash and Burning Heart. Each of these pieces display perfectly the UV-resistant inks and state of the art printers we use here at Blue Horizon Prints to ensure that your quality canvas prints retain the vibrancy and lustre of the original works as they were intended to be seen.

Two of our popular pieces for young adults choosing to decorate their dormitories with breathtaking art work are Electric Blue and Lava Light. Each contrasts a bright colour against a pitch black background. Our canvas prints can be ordered in one of several sizes and orientations, so you know that space will never be an issue. Our pieces can be customised to fit on every wall, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right.

Abstract and contemporary art invites such an open and imaginative interpretation that it is said they are the universal art forms. They don’t depict a person, place or thing in the natural world – even in extreme or exaggerated ways – so that they simply provoke emotions from each individual viewer. When decorating a public space such as an office meeting space or a waiting room you may find that you prefer a piece such as Mocean or Painted Fire. Each piece fits wonderfully with just about any décor and can be inspirational and soothing all at once. Neither piece is too distracting, but each has the power to capture one’s attention to the point that he or she will likely carry whatever feelings it evoked throughout the day.

You’ll find that abstract and contemporary art in canvas print are the perfect medium for any home or space in need of a burst of energy. In your home, abstract and contemporary art is the solution for complementing your decor with gallery quality art: without distracting images, scenes, or objects to clash or detract, there’s nothing but colour and form to complement your furniture, wall-colour, or whatever piece you’re working around. The other great thing about abstract and contemporary art is that it can mean something to you that no one else sees. Whichever print you choose, you’re sure to find the highest quality canvas prints money can buy right here at Blue Horizon Prints.

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