Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko is a name synonymous with the world of contemporary art. Because of his singular approach to abstract expressionism, he occupies a prestigious position in the annals of art history, and his legacy lives on in the works of a great number of modern artists working today. You now have the option to incorporate a piece of Mark Rothko’s artistic heritage into your own home or workplace space thanks to our range of wall art prints featuring Rothko’s work here.

Every one of our Mark Rothko prints possesses an arresting colour field that is filled with brilliant and vivid tones that produce a profound effect on the viewer’s feelings. Rothko’s use of colour was designed to create a thoughtful and meditative response from the observer. He invited them to immerse themselves in the deep, rich colours and examine their own inner thoughts and feelings by urging them to respond in this way. You can be confident that the Mark Rothko wall art you select, whether it be a stretched canvas painting, framed print, or floating frame, will serve as an eye-catching focal point in whichever area you decide to hang it in.

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