These prices are for printing your photos on canvas, the price includes printing on premium quality canvas, stretching the canvas over a kiln dried timber frame, adding picture wire. Your canvas print is delivered ready to hang straight on the wall.

*Prices are inclusive of GST, there are no hidden costs or extra charges.

Inches Cm Price
12in x 12in 30cm x 30cm $62
16in x 16in 41cm x 41cm $93
20in x 20in 51cm x 51cm $126
24in x 24in 61cm x 61cm $165
30in x 30in 76cm x 76cm $231
34in x 34in 86cm x 86cm $281
41in x 41in 102cm x 102cm $411
46in x 46in 117cm x 117cm $512
50in x 50in 127cm x 127cm $584
Inches Cm Price
10in x 15in 25cm x 38cm $64
12in x 18in 30cm x 46cm $82
18in x 27in 46cm x 68cm $146
20in x 30in 51cm x 76cm $171
24in x 32in 61cm x 81cm $205
30in x 40in 76cm x 102cm $328
34in x 51in 86cm x 129cm $436
40in x 54in 102cm x 137cm $522
44in x 66in 112cm x 167cm $665
Inches Cm Price
08in x 16in 20cm x 40cm $58
12in x 24in 30cm x 61cm $81
16in x 32in 40cm x 81cm $153
22in x 44in 56cm x 112cm $286
26in x 52in 66m x 132cm $367
32in x 64in 81cm x 163cm $509
Inches Cm Price
15in x 10in 38cm x 25cm $64
18in x 12in 46cm x 30cm $82
27in x 18in 68cm x 46cm $146
30in x 20in 76cm x 51cm $171
32in x 24in 81cm x 61cm $205
40in x 30in 102cm x 76cm $328
51in x 34in 129cm x 86cm $436
54in x 40in 137cm x 102cm $522
66in x 44in 167cm x 112cm $665
Prices Include:
  • Free choice of wrapping types
  • Free Image Manipulation such as removing red eye
  • Bubble wrapped and boxed
  • Discounted Shipping! We offer subsidised shipping all over Australia.
  • Protected with UV laminate

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