What countries do you delivery to internationally?

We delivery artwork around the world, fast with subsidised rates.

Here are some of the international delivery fees per country, this is only some of the countries we deliver to:

The USA: $40 Flat Fee
Free Shipping: UK,
Belgium, Netherlands, France, Ireland: $22
Germany, Switzerland, Spain Italy: $25
Canada: $40
New Zealand: $40
Singapore: $50
Hong Kong: $50
Denmark, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Sweden: $40
Austria, Poland, Russia, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg $45
Japan: $55

We deliver worldwide, please contact us for a quote for delivery to any other countries, not on this list.

*This fee is for all products, rolled canvas, framed prints or stretched canvas prints for example.


How much is delivery within Australia?
We offer subsidised shipping for all Australian deliveries, see below for the full list of prices, we only charge ONE SHIPPING FEE PER ORDER, so if you order more than 1 artwork, delivery is still the same as for 1.

Small $20 $20 $20 $22 $30 $24 $22 $30
Medium $22 $22 $22 $24 $40 $26 $24 $32
Large $26 $28 $28 $28 $50 $32 $30 $36
What are the turnaround/delivery times after I order?

*Please note that due to Covid-19 production and delivery times are slower by around 5 working days.

We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in Australia in terms of the time taken to get the art printed, stretched and out the door, however like everyone else, we limited to delivery times by Australian couriers. Note that at busy times like Christmas these turnaround times are pushed out a little more. Here is an approximate guideline for the total turnaround from paying for your artwork to delivery:

  • These timeframes do vary according to the time of year, how busy we are etc, they are a guideline.
    • Pick up from our Studio – 1-2 business day
    • Brisbane Metro – 2 – 3 business days
    • Queensland Rural – 2-5 business days
    • Sydney Metro – 2-5 business days
    • NSW Rural – 4-6 business days
    • Melbourne Metro 3-5 business days
    • Victoria Rural – 5-8 business days
    • ACT Metro – 3 -7 business days
    • South Australia – 5-7 business days
    • Perth Metro – 5-8 business days
    • WA Rural – 7-10 business days
    • NT & TAS Allow 7-12 days

Add an extra 2-3 days for Framed Prints, these turnaround times are for Stretched Canvas Prints.


How much is freight/shipping?
Shipping prices vary from state to state and according to sizes of the artwork, however, we heavily subsidise all the shipping prices, for some cities such as Sydney we even offer free shipping on small to Medium. sized artworks. Shipping is 100% free within the United Kingdom for all of our canvas prints, rolled prints, paper prints and framed prints. We use TNT for international deliveries. They are fast and efficient and deliver both stretched and unstretched (rolled) art to your home wherever you are.
Do you deliver overseas?
Yes, see the previous FAQ for shipping prices or please contact us for delivery prices. We will happily ship all over the world. Alternatively, once you place an order and select the overseas destination the website will automatically calculate the delivery cost before you are charged.
What types of payment method do you accept?
We accept Visa & Mastercard, direct deposits, cheques and PayPal.
Do all your prices include GST?
We don’t charge GST, what you see is what you get, there are no hidden costs or fees.
How do I get my image to you? Can I email it to you?
You have the option of uploading the image online, simply following the instructions as you go, emailing the photo to us on info@bluehorizonprints.com.au or as described above we accept posted negatives, transparencies (slides) and cd's. We accept all file formats.
Are you able to print using negatives?
Yes! We are happy to scan any photos and process negatives and transparencies. We charge a standard fee of just $15 for this add-on service.

Feel free to post them to us;
Blue Horizon Prints NOOSA

Unit 2 Industrial Lane

170 Eumundi-Noosa Rd

Noosaville, 4566, QLD

1300 632 332
07 5474 2129

Do you offer other sizes besides the ones displayed on your pricelist page?
Yes! Feel free to contact us with any specific size requirements you have and we will be happy to give you a quote.
How quickly can you deliver my order?
Our standard delivery service is one of the fastest in Australia, always dispatching within 2 working days and often just 1! This rapid service means our customers get their canvas prints FAST! The exact delivery time depends on your location, we print in Noosa, Queensland so delivery to WA takes a lot longer than to Brisbane.
How big can I print my photo?
The largest size we offer as standard on the site is 40 x 60 inches (1020mm x 1520mm) however if you need to go larger, let us know as we can print up to 1400mm (55 inches) on the shortest edge, we allow 50mm (2.16 inches for the canvas wrap
Please bear in mind that we are restricted by the width of the printer which is 60 inches, we need to allow we can, however, print as long as a roll of canvas!


How 'Green/ Environmentally friendly’ is Blue Horizon Prints?
Very, we are the greenest canvas prints company in Australia by a longshot, every effort is made to minimise our footprint on the planet, we use 100% cotton canvas (no polycotton plastics), sustainable plantation pine moulding, acid-free art papers, water-based inks and for every sale we plant one tree in cooperation with the charity One Tree Planted.
What printer and inks do you use?
To get the best results you need to use the best tools. This is particularly important when it comes to selecting a printer and inks. We use the best quality Epson printers. We always use genuine Archival Ultrachrome pigment inks. These are considered by many to be the best in the marketplace and the proof is in the pudding when you see the strong, vibrant colours that leap off of the canvas.
What canvas do you use?
We print on 100% cotton 390gsm canvas. We only use the best quality canvas with our canvases being carefully selected and imported to provide the best surface for our prints. The 100% cotton canvas is of the very highest quality and made to last.


What paper do you use for the paper prints option?
We print on a Neopost Premium Lustre 260gsm paper as standard. We also do offer the option for an upgrade if you contact us, changing to an archival textured MOAB rag paper, 260gm, it costs an additional 6% on top of the lustre paper prices. We use a matt paper 160gsm for framing.


Where do you print the artwork?
Due to increased overseas demand for artwork combined with increasing International delivery costs are printed internationally. We have printing facilities across the globe, Western European orders printed in the Netherlands, US and Canadian orders are printed in Canada and Asian orders outside of Australia are printed in India. We do however maintain extremely high quality for all of our orders such as using premium grade inks and 100% cotton canvas along with market-leading printing technology. We stand by the quality of our products irrespective of where they printed, the quality will be the same.


How long do they last?
The canvas prints have been independently lab tested by companies such as Kodak and Epson to last up to 75 years as long as they are out of direct ultraviolet light. To further ensure the longevity of your print the lamination we add further protects your art against UV light, moisture, cracking and general wear and tear, you should expect your print to last well into the next century! Visiting our products and services page for more information. Canvas Printing Brisbane.
What Frame Options are there?
We offer 4 colours of Frame as standard, they are Black, White & Mahogany, then each 30mm Framed Print comes with a Card Mat. We print on the premium quality, award-winning fine art paper made of 100% cotton then mount the print onto a wooden frame. As of October we also now offer Floating Frames, the moulding size is 45x35x10mm in an L Shape Moulding.


Stretched or Rolled (unstretched)?
One of the biggest questions we get asked is what is the difference between a stretched and rolled canvas (unstretched) In a nutshell a stretched canvas print is a canvas print that has been stretched over plantation kiln-dried New Zealand pine timber frame and is delivered ready to hang straight on the wall. A rolled canvas is just the printed canvas without the stretcher bars, customers that buy the rolled canvas normally either want to make their own frame or ship their art overseas.
How do I care for my canvas print?
Most marks can be easily removed by running a duster over the canvas or giving it a light clean with the vacuum cleaner using the brush to get rid of any dust on the surface. If the mark is still there then you can wipe the canvas gently using a plain white wet cloth, try not to do this too often though as with time this will affect the colour quality of the canvas, remember that gently is the operative word here.
How are the canvas prints stretched onto a frame?
Your canvas is carefully hand-stretched over a profiled quality pine frame and securely stapled so that the canvas is taught over the bars. We then tape the edge of the canvas to the frame at the back to protect against dust and insert stainless steel hanging wire and eyelets making your stretched canvas print ready to hang as soon as it’s delivered to your door.
Do you spray the canvases to protect them against UV light and dirt and dust?
Yes, we use Matisse art varnish, it produces a hard, non-yellowing, UV protected coating, giving the art a clear gloss varnish, designed to give your canvas print that final “glow”, but with the added benefit of UV protection. This makes it ideal for varnishing items that will be exposed to daylight or for extending the light fastness of items that are not traditionally so e.g. printed images from your home printer. the Matisse art varnish will slow the rate of fading of printed material as it reduces UV light spectrum by more than 99%.


Will there be any copyright issues?
We are licenced to print and sell the images in the gallery section however you retain the copyright for your images that you provide for us to print. Please ensure that you do not infringe anyone else’s copyright with your photos.
What is a gallery/mirrored/ pixel stretch wrap?
After uploading the photo and selecting size you would like, you then get to choose from the wrap options, a wrap is a way in which the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars. We offer four wrap options;
Do you laminate your canvas to protect it against weathering?
Our laminates are carefully selected to maximise protection and keep colours rich while minimising any unwanted glossy sheen that are the results of a cheaper laminate. Many canvas printers will skip this step to avoid paying for quality laminates and cut drying time. We have so much faith in the necessity to have a good laminate that we include it free within the price.
Do you mount on stretcher bars or MDF blocks?
Because stretcher bars are the “unseen” part of the canvas, they’re often not discussed. But what use is a really nice canvas if it’s mounted on a thin badly made wooden hanger.
Our stretcher bars are:
32mm in profile
Kiln-dried making our stretched canvas prints more sturdy and even less likely to warp over time
Bevelled edges to prevent cracking
Bevelled contour to prevent ‘ghosting’ – an impression of the canvas touching the stretcher bar
The first thing to consider is whether or not it’s been kiln dried. Wood is a porous material, that is, it absorbs water. When it absorbs water, the wood expands and as it dries it shrinks. All this expanding and shrinking causes the wood to warp over time, much like the pages of a book that gets wet – they irreparably ripple. Kiln-dried wood is protected from warping and this means you don’t have a canvas unevenly sitting on your wall.
The next thing to consider is the quality of the wood used. Low-quality wood is likely to crack over time or break if the canvas is dropped. Blue Horizon Prints uses wood that does not leach tannins (tannic acid).
Then there’s the shape of the bars themselves. “Square” bars rest against the back of the canvas and over time create a visible impression – not good! To prevent this we use bevelled stretcher bars, which are slightly cutaway on the side that faces the canvas so that the only contact point on the facing side is on the very very edge – and NOT the entire width of the stretcher bar. This edge is also rounded off so the canvas doesn’t stretch over a sharp, 90 degree angled frame edge.
We use Sustainable Plantation New Zealand Pine Kiln Dried with a routed lip, bought from a major Australian picture framing supplier, this is then glued and underpinned in house.
Then there’s the physical depth (profile) of the stretcher bar. A stretcher bar that is very small will not sit out from the wall, losing the depth that a canvas print or painting would normally have. We use 3.2cm thick stretcher bars, what we think is the optimal depth for canvas printing.
Maximum Canvas Print Size?

The biggest size that we can print on canvas is 55 inches / 140cm on the shortest edge, the length size will end up whatever the shape format is but is only limited to the length of the roll of the canvas (which is VERY long!).

The reason we are limited to this size is that we use Epson Wide Format Art Printers to achieve the best quality. Larger sizes than this require flatbed multipurpose printers which we don’t use as they aren’t art specialized.

If you want larger sizes then we recommend split canvases, these are a great way to cover large spaces and are more visually impressive than a single canvas print too.


What does a Stretched Canvas Print weight (including the stretcher bars)?
A stretched canvas print weights a lot less than a framed print, this is one of the many advantages they have over framed prints, as many of our customers buy them as they want to hang them on their walls using non-destructive sticker hooks. Here is a basic guide for the sizes and weights.

Small Canvas Print: 18″ x 12″ weights approximately 2kg

Medium Canvas Print: 27″ x 18″ weights approximately 3kg

Large Canvas Print: 30″ x 20″ weights approximately 5kg

X Large Canvas Print: 45″ x 30″ weights approximately 6.5kg

XX-Large Canvas Print: 60″ x 40″ weights approximately 7.5kg


Please note that the frame size shown is the total frame size NOT the size of the print.



About Framed and Paper prints

We use the highest quality Italian timber picture frame mouldings imported directly from Italy for our Framed Prints, giving them the look and feel of quality! They are 20mm x 20mm for small sizes up to a 20mm x 38mm depth for larger sizes with a clear framing acrylic front to avoid damage in transport.

Custom made framing Includes 5cm matt border with cut out insert for the print to suite smaller frame sizes or a non printed 5cm paper border out to the timber frame for larger sizes.

Finishing includes hanger & fittings with brown framers tape & felt bumpons on the back.

We print on premium grade 160gsm matt paper and use high-quality frames and assemble the frames in our studio in Noosa allowing us to create frames fast and well and to create a wide range of sizes. We include a bevelled edge card mat on the framed prints. We can also offer other paper options such as a gorgeous archival, museum-grade rag paper that is 300gsm MOAB Bright Rag fine art paper.

We offer 3 colours as standard but more options are available on request. The 3 colours are Black, White and Mahogany, we also offer a premium Tasmanian Oak available on request.

Frame Thickness and Card Mat Options

For the ‘Small’ size Framed prints we print a 20mm white border, using a card mat makes the art too small as the card mats are 50mm, the printed border gives the impression of a small mat, for example on the 12×18″ size, it looks better, the frame thickness is 20x20mm.

*The card mat is shown on the above section, ‘About Framed and Paper prints’, it is the white or cream card mat inside the frame.

All frames between 18 x 27″ (457mm x 686mm) up to 900mm on the long edge have a 20x20mm thick frame and 50mm matt border.

12 x 18″ 20mmx20mm thick frame and 20mm printed white border
18 x 27″ 20x20mm thick frame and 50mm matt border
24 x 36″ 20x20mm thick frame and 50mm matt border
40 x 60″ – frame thickness is 30x20mm, no card mat, we will print a white border by default but can print all the way to the frame on request when ordering.

*The rule of thumb is, the frame size is 20x20mm for frames up to 1mtr long and 30mmx20mm depth over 1mtr long frames.

About Floating Frames
Our floating frames are our most premium option, they combine a frame with a canvas. I.e. The stretched canvas print sits inside a frame. The Floating Frames have a 5mm gap from the canvas to the inside of the timber frame then a 10mm timber from the frame face and 45mm depth on the side.

We currently not for a black or white floating frame a standard but we also have a premium grade Tasmanian Oak that is available on request.