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In the age of the Internet there are always options, the tough part of making the right decisions. Buying quality canvas photos / stretched canvas prints is just one of the many decisions that has to be made.

There are companies with poor quality sites and spelling mistakes offering cheap canvas photos, these are often made overseas and the sites are run by people in countries such as China and are usually to be avoided.

There are also the big super store companies such as Wall mart, Big W and Officeworks offering stretched canvas photos, we’ll let you make you own decision on these but bear in mind the quality of a canvas photo is often also a reflection of how the canvas is made as much as with what, these companies tend to cut corners on material costs but most importantly the canvas prints are often made by 18 years old part time workers that normally study Geology at university, they just don’t have the experience or expertise to make the bets canvas photos.

Here are a few easy tips to help;

1. Does the company have a good website?

2. Are there lots of grammar and spelling mistakes?

3. Does the company take time to explain what canvas, inks and printers they use?

4. Can you see from the website where they are located? Australia or not?

5. Do they offer a quality / satisfaction guarantee?

6. Is there a contact number to call if you have problems?

7. Check their blog to see how long they have been running for?

8. Is there a customer feedback program using sites such as Womow?

9. Do they do there own printing or outsource?

Remember the cheapest doesn’t mean the worst but it can be a good indicator! Look for cheap canvas photo prices BUT ensure they are also good quality, a good quality canvas will be able to be on the wall in direct sun fort many years and not fade… a cheap, poorly made one will fade and sag in a year or so…

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