Song Lyrics Canvas Art

We have just launched a fantastic new range of typographic wall art featuring lyrics from some of the most famous songs ever written, feel free to contact us and request for us to create an artwork using lyrics not currently available on our site. We are continuously adding to the collection.
You can also design your own Song Lyrics Art on this site via the personalised art page here. We have an enormous collection of custom song lyric wall art to choose from.

Song Lyrics On Canvas

We have the widest range of song lyric art available and personally made in Australia. No matter what your taste in music we have a song lyric canvas art print just for you. There is something for everyone here on our site.

Perhaps your taste in music runs to the swinging sixties or the crooners of the fifties. We have lyrics from Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash. Some of their most magical songs are available as lyrics printed on canvas. Perfect gifts for the older generations in your life, and also we have a wide selection for show tune lovers in your family.

We have David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Queen to bring back fantastic memories from the golden days of Rock. Moving into the Eighties and NNinetieswe have Madonna, Bon Jovi, and Coldplay, or moving to the present we have Lourde and Taylor Swift, Adele and Beyonce.

Maybe song lyric art or words on canvas don’t excite you? We don’t just print the sheet music, we offer embellished canvas prints with soundwaves, words, musical notes and all manner of different ways to express the love of music in your home and on your office walls.

Do you have a song in mind that has a special meaning for you, instead? You can contact us to get our professional design assistance to bring your special song to the canvas and then to your wall. Favourite songs people have chosen include songs from their weddings, songs their children sang and songs that their parents sang or loved. These are treasured lyrics that are able to become lyric poster prints and hung on your walls forever.

Music has an ability to move the soul in much the same way as art does, so together song lyric posters are a magical combination of both worlds and they are very evocative to recall lovely memories of special occasions and special times in people’s lives.

It doesn’t matter what era your music tastes came from, we can accommodate your request for lyrics printed and framed in Australia. We love to work with our local market and are proud to serve our Australian clientele. We are the first choice for song lyrics posters in Australia.

Our prints are hand crafted here in Australia under strict quality control. We offer the best value for money and do not compromise on quality. There is a wide choice of styles and colours available, and also we can customise your canvas lyric print with different fonts and text colours to suit the exact space where you want to display your musical passion.

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