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This eye-catching and edgy collection of Street Art and Graffiti Wall Prints from around the world includes some Banksy Prints, Keith Haring, Tristan Eaton, Mr Brainwash and lots of stunning designs from walls around the globe by unnamed but talented Local Urban Artists. If you are looking to buy Banksy Art Prints we have a whole range dedicated just to him as we are a big fan of his work here at Blue Horizon Prints

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Street Art and Graffiti Art

If you are looking for mysterious, bold, and intriguing colourful canvases with a deeper meaning then you will love our popular street art collection. Graffiti art is influenced by the world around us in its raw and authentic form. Though similar, there is a difference between the two.

There is a bigger difference between Street Art and Graffiti Art than you may think.

Graffiti Art and Street Art are not interchangeable terms, and the artists could be offended if you got the two mixed up. Though similar, they have stark differences. Saying Street Art and Graffiti Art are the same would be like saying that country rap music and hip hop rap music are the same. Though alike, the two can simply not be grouped into the same category. Graffiti writing was

birthed in the Streets of New York and Philadelphia back in the ’60s and evolved on a global scale. Graffiti art has close representative ties to the hip-hop subculture and a form of social expression. Street Art is a bold, vibrant, creative, and unrestricted way to express something. This is art means to speak to the masses. Street art prints are so incredibly diverse, and it takes own its own personality. Once you’ve owned your first piece, your whole perception of art will change. Street art canvases, paintings, and prints will change the vibe of your space and become the focal point of conversation at your get-together. Whether it is graffiti wall art, street art prints, a graffiti canvas, graffiti poster, a street art painting, or its a street art poster; the urban art for sale here will transform your walls, your vibe and maybe even the way you see art as a whole.

“ I have a saying that removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of artists, musicians, and poets. I believe that colour creates energy, energy creates inspiration, and inspiration creates change. It’s not art that’s going to fix things; creativity is the main ingredient” – Freddy Sam.

The Crossover Between Gallery & Street

Some artists still are not fond of the cross over from the streets to galleries. People get up and chase street art down like the average art lover would visit a gallery. It can now be captured and incorporate into your home to express yourself and your beliefs. This is a rapidly growing subculture that has tremendously evolved and talented artists.

If you love the urban style, then Street Art and Graffiti art is something you have to put your hands on. Urban art is not just beautifully detailed, with unique images and vibrant colours. This type of art has a history connected as far back as WWII, Kilroy, and the Neolithic cave paintings. One could say Blek Le Rat and Keith Haring had ties in his own right. If you haven’t read up on these things and you love Urban art, then you need to! Be sure to check out the graffiti art for sale here and you will see for yourself what all of the fuss is about.

Street Art and Diversity

Urban Art is very diverse. There are more types of street and graffiti art than imaginable to most. Urban art is found in nearly every metropolitan city in the world, and new work debut’s literally by the second, each as original as its creator. This art is limitless; it has no sounds. This art is freedom in its ultimate sense. It is full of mystery and intrigue for any street art lover! Art is about raising questions, expression, independence, creativity, asking, protesting, analyzing, and a way for the underdog to take a stand. Street art allows artists to step beyond convention, and the artwork they create is a part of their core. Street art isn’t just limited to painting on walls.

Urban art is a global phenomenon embodied with enormous cultural and socioeconomic potential that comes from harnessing this artistic energy. Graffiti art is characteristically written words or bold, detailed, and vibrant that is meant to represent a group or community covertly. It’s intended to be displayed in plain sight to make a statement. There are telltale signs of street art, which includes typically images, illustrations, or symbols that convey a message uniquely and boldly. This is not art that simply speaks to you, its art that you connect with, it shouts to you.

The Subculture and the characteristics of street art are unusual and intriguing .

Many say that once you obtain your first graffiti wall art or street wall art painting, you quickly become loyal to the movement. You can check out Blue Horizon Prints for urban art on sale, and you’re sure to find something that shouts to you. This is street, graffiti, and urban art pieces that you will connect with. Don’t take our word for it, check out this impressive collection of graffiti wall art and street canvas wall art street art paintings, and urban wall art prints.