Shipping Rates & Delivery Timeframes

Delivery Timeframes within Australia

Please note that due to a number of factors, all deliveries are taking longer than usual please add a few days onto the normal turnaround time.

Express delivery prices vary according to your location and the size of the art ordered, contact us for prices, it’s normally between $40 to $100 for East Coast Oz orders, please note that while we do offer express delivery to TAS, NT or WA due to exorbitant shipping prices from couriers, contact us for prices.

We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in Australia in terms of the time taken to get the art printed, stretched and out the door, however like everyone else, we are limited to delivery times by Australian couriers as we use couriers for most deliveries.

Please note that at busy times like Christmas these turnaround times are pushed out a little more.

Here is an approximate guideline for the total turnaround from paying for your artwork (or approving the personalised artwork proof), to delivery. These are for Stretched Canvas Prints, add an extra 2-4 days for Framed Prints, Rolled Canvas & Paper Prints are often a day or so faster.

These timeframes do vary according to the time of year, how busy we are etc, they are a guideline.

** Due to Covid-19, please add an additional 4 days onto these timeframes

  • Pick up from our Studio – 1-3 business day (Updated to 2-5 days due to Covid19).
  • Brisbane Metro – 3-7 business days (Updated to 5-9 days due to Covid19).
  • Queensland Rural – 4- 8 business days (Updated to 5-10 days due to Covid19).
  • Sydney Metro – 3-8 business days (Updated to 5-12 days due to Covid19).
  • NSW Rural – 6-9 business days (Updated to 7-13 days due to Covid19).
  • Melbourne Metro 4-8 business days (Updated to 7-13 days due to Covid19).
  • Victoria Rural – 6-10 business days (Updated to 7-13 days due to Covid19).
  • ACT Metro – 4-9 business days (Updated to 7-13 days due to Covid19).
  • South Australia – 6-10 business days (Updated to 7-14 days due to Covid19).
  • Perth Metro – 6-11 business days (Updated to 7-14 days due to Covid19).
  • WA Rural – 8-12 business days (Updated to 10-14 days due to Covid19).
  • NT & TAS Allow 8-14 days (Updated to 10-17 days due to Covid19).

Express Delivery

We can offer Express Delivery, but its quoted per delivery, its usually around $40 for a small to medium artwork to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Metro. Rural varies. The price changes according to the size of the art and where the delivery is going to. Please contact us for delivery prices, it’s not available as standard on the site due to the enormous price variation.

Express to WA, NT, TAS isn’t overnight and is expensive, please feel free to contact us for quotes.

For overseas orders, we print in Europe for European orders or Canada for Canadian or USA orders.

International Delivery Timeframes:

  • UK, France, Ireland Netherlands, Belgium – Around 8 days
  • Other European Countries – 8-12 days
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan – 10 – 14 days
  • USA – 12-15 days
  • Canada – 12 – 14 days

Australia shipping rates
Small $20 $20 $20 $22 $30 $24 $22 $30
Medium $22 $22 $22 $24 $40 $26 $24 $32
Large $26 $28 $28 $28 $50 $32 $30 $36


Worldwide shipping rates
UK Belgium Ireland Netherlands France Japan Canada New Zealand Germany
22 22 22 22 22 55 40 40 25
Spain Switzerland Denmark Greece Italy Norway Portugal Sweden Hong Kong
25 25 50 50 25 50 40 50 50
Singapore USA Austria Liechtenstein Luxembourg Poland Russia
50 50 45 45 45 45 45

Please see our terms and conditions for our policy on delays related to COVID-19.