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The floral print collection features stunning close-ups of various flowers, printed in vibrant colours, gorgeous abstract designs, paintings of flowers such as Van Gogh or Leonid Afremov and eye-catching yellow arrays of sunflowers or endless fields of pink Shibazakura. The canvas prints are stretched over a timber frame and delivered ready to hang straight on the wall.

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Floral wall art is a timeless classic that looks great with any decor.
Floral wall art is not surprisingly a very sought after design that remains timeless. From contemporary to abstract and even the classics, these prints and canvases are of the highest quality and will bring style to any room.
If you are looking for something with a vintage feel, you can find that here, but make no mistake. There is so much more to love. The black and white flower wall art canvases and canvas sets are remarkable. The vibrant coloured flower wall art prints promise to make a high focal point for any space.
There are even abstract flower art pieces that will liven up any room and be a conversation piece for years to come. These are incredible works that can stand alone or be grouped together for a fantastic effect.

A look back on the history of flower wall art.
Flower wall art has been a favourite throughout the decades, centuries even, but as we evolve, so do the pieces created by the remarkable artists who create them. Flower art is rooted in ancient artworks and is still very relevant today.

Flower art canvases have been a part of art movements and serve to identify many iconic trends within the art world. With that being said, today’s prints are unlike those of the past, unless vintage is what you are looking seeking. The modern and contemporary designs today are more than impressive.

Floral Canvas Prints For Sale
Quality floral canvas prints Australia is easier to find than you may think. Flower wall art canvases and flower wall art prints come in many styles and colours that pop. You can find pastels, or black and white so that you can mix and match to blend in with any colour scheme. There are some fantastic focal pieces if you are looking to create a gallery wall or if you want a stand-alone piece to bring together an empty space.

The flower canvas art pieces and flower art prints here will greet your guest's renditions of beautiful blossoms. They bring a light, airy, elegance to any space, and you can choose a single or multi-piece set. Whether you are seeking Asian influences wall art or you just want to add calming ambience, flower wall art is the perfect solution.
If you are the romantic type there are many options for you as well with beautiful overtones and vivid roses that add a hit on subtle sophistication. The two, three, and five-piece canvases are exceptionally beautiful to create a spectacular feel and allure to your space.

Where to find the best flower canvas prints in Australia.
When you shop with Blue Horizon Prints, you will find a wide variety of styles and colours of floral canvas prints for sale. Check out the floral wall art gallery. You will see that this is not your run of the mill print shop. Whether you are looking for a flower canvas painting or floral wall art pictures, there is sure to be something for everyone to love.