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This beautiful collection of Triptych 3 Piece Wall Art Panels, these split canvases is available in three great sizes. The artwork has been split into three large panels and makes a great centrepiece for any wall. Our graphic designers can also offer this effect on our customers photos. As with all of our art, we now offer these designs as stretched canvas prints, framed print, rolled or paper prints. If you are looking to have any of the artworks you’ve seen elsewhere on our site, converted into a set of three prints, then please contact us and we will happily do this for you and send you a proof before purchase.

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Buy Stunning Seascape Triptych Wall Art OnlineWhat is a Triptych (3 Piece Wall Art)?

Triptych is another word for an image that’s been split into three panels.

These striking 3-panel artworks are the perfect way to display beautiful wide landscape photos or painting prints on your wall. The same applies to images with an off-centre subject or images that follow a particular theme. You can choose which part of the photo you want on the left, the middle and right side of the triptych panels. You can pick almost can send you a triptych Proof of what you would like or you are welcome to order your own using your own photograph! We also have the largest selection in triptych wall art in Australia.

Triptych wall art is a unique set of pictures in three panels, which is available in three different sizes at Blue Horizon Prints. In the set of 3-wall art, the artwork includes three panels, which make a fabulous statement piece for any of your wall.

We have over 300 gorgeous triptych artworks for you to choose from, with everything from triptychs of the famous paintings by artists such as Van Gogh and Hokusai to split canvas photographs of mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, beaches and even our popular surf wall art. We are the home of 3-panel canvas art Australia.

Why hang a Triptych Wall Art?

Quite simply because they look fantastic. Many people have artwork on the walls that almost no one you meet will have 3-piece wall art, they are a massive talking point and centrepiece for any home and a spectacular take on a canvas print. Here at Blue Horizon Prints, we are quite simply in love with these stunning prints, as we hope you can see from the enormous collection we’ve put together.

Please also note that we can create custom sizes and shapes for these popular 3 piece canvas photo prints, we’ve opted for a standardised rectangular format but we will happily create them in squares longer and thinner designs, or even in a set of three pictures hanging vertically. Whatever floats your boat we can accommodate!

Contact us today if you would like us to create a set of pictures in three panels using your photographs or if you are looking for a particular photo or style of artwork that you don’t see on the website, we are more than happy to source alternate images and designs if you have something in mind, contact us here.

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Reflect Your Personality with 3 Piece Wall Art
Your home is a reflection of your personality and your taste. It is the place, which you adorn according to your personal sense of style, and wall décor is an integral part. It is the one most significant element in your home interior that can subdue or enhance the ambience, warmth and liveliness of your living space.
With the enticing and bewitching selection of triptych wall art, you can give a complete uplift to your space — no need to invest in large, expensive art pieces. Just select the 3-piece wall art Australia from Blue Horizon Prints, and your walls are all set to reflect your personality and taste.
What is Triptych Art?
Triptych wall art is a unique set of pictures in three panels, which is available in three different sizes at Blue Horizon Prints. This artwork includes three panels, which make a fabulous statement piece for any of your wall.
3 piece wall art Australia
If you are looking for an exquisite range of 3 pieces of abstract wall art, you have arrived at the right place. At Blue Horizon Prints, we have treasured a massive variety of beautiful and spectacular 3-panel canvas art. We design triptych wall art with great detail and care to deliver you the exceptional quality artwork that becomes a centre of focus at your place. From breathtaking natural landscapes to photos of spectacular places, abstract artworks and your favourite characters, we have everything covered in our collection.
Have it Customised As You Desire
Want to order your custom 3-piece wall art? No problem! Send us your image or artwork and our creative graphic designers can enhance them with amazing effects. You can have them printed as framed prints, rolled prints, stretched or paper prints. We put in extra care and follow the highest standards of artistry to deliver you most exceptional quality artwork. Our company is famous for its great customer service as we truly value our customers and go the extra mile to help them realize their idea of triptych wall art.
How to Hang Triptych Canvas
As there are three separate large panels in your 3-piece triptych artwork canvas, it requires a bit of technique to hang it properly. Follow these steps to hang it accurately.
• Mark the wall with a pencil where you want to hang.
• Use measuring foot to mark the space you want to keep between the three panels, which is usually one and a half to 3 inches apart.
• With the measuring tape measure the distance and mark the precise places to make the holes.
• Install the drywall anchor or nail at the markings made for hanging each panel.