Vintage Movie Posters

Vintage movie poster art is one of the most unique ways to upgrade and transform a fairly safe decorating area into a fun and fascinating space for the whole family to enjoy. Decorating with movie poster art is becoming quite popular – you’ll find them in barrooms, hotel lobbies, video stores and personal recreation rooms. The design, colour and artwork are combined to evoke a nostalgia towards the golden age of filmmaking as well as remind us of some of our own favourite silver screen moments.

But the cost of decorating with your favourite movie posters can be quite expensive – getting the original theatre artwork is tough to come by, since there are only so many lobby posters that have survived in display shape and so many have become quite collectible that they are hardly affordable.
The Original Dracula Movie Poster Canvas PrintThat’s why affordable, high quality canvas prints from Blue Horizon Prints are your ideal choice when it comes to decorating your personal living space with the vintage movie poster art you desire. We have one of the largest collections of vintage movie poster canvas arts collections you can find online. Our extensive collection spans over 40 years of films and includes over 55 unique vintage posters. And we’re always adding more!

Our UV resistant inks and wide format printers preserve all the details of the original posters. You won’t find any foreign fade or blur spots, any pixelated corners, or loss in detail. All of our prints are made using 100% cotton canvas and coated using one of our specialised laminates to ensure that your purchase is enjoyed for decades. We can customise your canvas print to fit just about any size you have available, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll purchase something to large or too small.

Vintage movie canvas art offers so many decorating opportunities that are sure to appeal to everyone in your family. Perhaps you want to decorate with your favourite film era or highlight a favourite actor or actress. You can create canvas prints to fit specific themes such as motorcycles (The Great Escape), space travel (2001 A Space Odyssey), or cowboys (The Alamo) to complement decorations you already have around the room or to fit your personality. One great idea is to choose vintage movie posters with a vibrant and wide use of colours to accentuate a palette you’ve already applied in your home décor – like in a kid’s room (The Karate Kid), or hallway (Some Like It Hot, Barbarella), or even in a home office (Rocky, Casablanca). The possibilities are endless.

No matter how you decide to use our vintage movie poster canvas prints, you’ll make your room stand apart. Decorate with vintage movie canvas art and you’ll transform your personal space into a virtual theatre lobby. They make the perfect gift for anyone with retro sensibilities and preferences. Check out our extensive collection or your perfect canvas prints.

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