Photos on Canvas

Can you imagine your favourite memories displayed as high quality art pieces that your friends and family—not just yourself—will enjoy for years to come? Gone are the days of photo albums and desk portraits; our family portraits and fondest memories are shared now by photos on canvas prints. They’re affordable, long lasting and are meant to be the centre-pieces to your home or office—and Blue Horizon Prints produces the best you will find anywhere.




Photos on canvas make excellent gifts for all of your friends and members of the family. Our canvas prints are made using the finest 100% cotton canvas, printed using premium quality inks, and coated with the best laminates to ensure your artwork stays vibrant and is protected from weathering and the sun for years to come. We know how important it is to make your finest memories everlasting, which is why we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our high quality canvas prints.

Finding that perfect piece of wall art to captivate your audience shouldn’t be too hard, not when you may already have the perfect photograph for the occasion and we have several customising options to make it one of a kind. We can print your work in one of several canvas sizes, orient it in any way you’d like (portrait, landscape, panoramic, etc.) and provide one of the many wrap styles we offer to add the perfect finishing touch. Your design is sure to be one of a kind, but more importantly it’s sure to be just the piece you imagined would be the centre of attention in your home or office. Why not share your memories in the most unique and striking way possible? Having your photos on canvas lets you do just that.

But why just get one? Getting several pieces to create a gallery or collection to adorn your home is a great idea to redecorate and reinvent your space. Purchasing a canvas print from Blue Horizon Prints is one of the most affordable ways to bring high quality art into your home or office. Our pieces preserve the finest details in colour and focus just like the pieces you would find hanging in a gallery but only for a fraction of the cost. You won’t break the bank getting all of your favourite memories printed on canvas, and you’ll have made a one of a kind gallery of your own.

We can also customise your favourite memories and canvas photos into the style of some great iconic pop artworks including Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe or Che Guevara’s famous pose. There are endless possibilities so be sure to put on your creative thinking cap and let your imagination fly. Our customer service staff is always here to help and ensure your vision is made into a reality. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, so you can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting the best from the best.

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