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One of our latest category additions to the website, this new collection of architecture and design photography make really unusual and eye-catching wall art with circling stairwells and staircases, colourful buildings and a whole lot more. All art is handmade in Noosa, Australia using premium quality materials

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Most of us experience famous architecture through photographs. We can all mentally picture buildings like the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House, even if we haven’t been there. But there’s a whole niche of architecture photography that’s more about how a building feels than how it looks. Architecture is an art form, it is a branch of science, it is a business, it is the architect’s personal expression as well as that of the viewer.

What exactly is architecture? Architecture is a blend of art and science that creates spaces for human experiences. It defines function, form, space, detail, material, and decoration that collectively help create human experiences. Each element in the above shortlist has significance and each architect expresses them differently in line with the practice of their art. Through the millennia, architectural styles have gone through changes leaving traces of earlier experiences on the new creations until the new ones become strong enough on their own and then shed the lineage.

Architecture is location-bound and needs visibility.

Photography provides “mobility” to architecture and also uses it as a subject for its own purposes. We mostly appreciate and enjoy architecture thanks to photography. There is a rich selection of architectural beauty that most of us will not get a chance to see if it were not for photography. That said, not every photograph that depicts a building or other kinds of architecture qualifies to be called architectural photography.

Architectural photography typically shows either the exterior or the interior of buildings.

Exterior architectural photography usually takes advantage of available light by the day, or at night it uses ambient light from adjacent street lights, landscape lights, exterior building lights, moonlight and even twilight present in the sky in all but the darkest situations.

In many cases, the landscaping surrounding a building is important to the overall composition of a photograph, and even necessary to communicate the aesthetic harmony of a building with its environment. The photographer will often include flowers, trees, fountains or statues in the foreground of a composition, taking advantage of their ability to help lead the eye into the composition and to its main subject, the building. See our prints of the Orange stairway and the Church Door to see what is present and absent from a picture can highlight and define the space.

Aerial photography is trending as it shows different and unique perspectives of the structure being photographed. This can include getting level with the structure, showing property boundaries, revealing the location from a geographical viewpoint, and putting context to surrounding scenery. We have a superb photograph of the Empire State Building taken from the air in a glorious demonstration of Black and White photography.

Interior architectural photography can also be performed with ambient light transmitted through windows and skylights, as well as interior lighting fixtures. Frequently though, architectural photographers will use supplemental lighting to improve the illumination within a building. A feature of architectural photography is that the principal subjects rarely move. It is, therefore, possible to use post-processing editing to achieve a balanced lighting scheme, even in the absence of additional lighting. You can see this effect in some of our spiral staircase photographs, that are visually awe-inspiring glimpses of perfectly framed staircase architecture.

Our Architecture and Design framed Artwork and prints are proudly made in Australia.

Our high-quality materials mean you will not be disappointed in your canvas when you receive it. We offer a value for money service with the highest quality and strive to please all our customers.