Tram & Bus Scroll

We have a massive collection of great quality bus scrolls, in case your unfamiliar with bus scrolls (you may have been living in a cave?), bus scrolls or otherwise known as tram scrolls or tram banners are reproductions of the original vintage tram and bus destination signs that used to be on the front of the old trams and buses in Australia from around 1910 through to the 1960’s.

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Dulwich Hill Contemporary Tram Destination Scroll Word Art

The original bus scrolls were mostly black and white although some of the Sydney trams also had coloured canvas signs too. You can see both styles on our website. The layout of the destination signs also varied from area to area too, you’ll see on our website and also below that we offer a number of styles such as ‘Full Line Style tram scrolls and also ‘Centred & underlined’, both are close copies of the originals, the centred &underlined style was a lot more common around Victoria such as around the city of Melbourne.
There are three main styles, as seen here,

1) Full Line style, this was a common style around Sydney, all the lines are justified and all lines are the same height

2) Contemporary style is a modern variant of the original tram scrolls, the lines vary in height

3) Centred & Underlined was a common bus scroll style in Victoria, Australia, as the name implies, the lines are centred & underlined!

We also offer some new variants of the traditional tram scrolls as seen here;

Tram Scrolls are available in 3 sizes and can be bought as stretched canvas prints (stretched over a kiln dried timber frame) or just printed on canvas, delivered rolled in a tube;

Tram Scrolls

In addition to browsing through the massive collection of bus and tram scrolls designs on offer on the website we also offer a custom tram destination art design service, we can create personalised bus scroll designs in any of the styles seen above.

Use your own words to create a tram scroll for your life! Choose your favourite cities in the world, places you have lived, those unforgettable holiday locations or even your favourite bands or songs!

1. Choose your style and size.

2. Select your line / words, we recommend ideally around 14 for all the styles except the Modernist style which can be up to 45 words.

3. Email these to us at

4. Pay the $30 design fee/ deposit, this can be paid by credit card over the phone, PayPal using this email address or by bank transfer

We will then create and email you a tram banner proof within 2 working days, you can request as many changes to this bus scroll proof as you want until you are 100% happy!