Star Wars Canvas Art Prints Australia

Star Wars Stormtrooper Panel Wall Prints

More than 200 Star Wars Canvas Art Prints for Sale. At Blue Horizon Prints‘ online store we offer over 4000 canvas art print designs, due to the popularity of Star Wars Art (and possibly a little of the owner’s soft spot for the films!) we have focused quite heavily on Star Wars Art, including artwork in the following styles;

All our Star Wars Artworks are made in Australia and made using the very best quality materials; we use Giclee fade resistant inks, archival (museum grade), 100% cotton canvas, invisible laminate spray to protect against UV rays, scraps & scratches and general wear & tear, kiln dried timber frames (meaning they won’t warp with time).

All these elements combine to ensure that your Star wars Art will stand the test of time, they may not last light years but they will hold their colours and quality for over 70 years!

Here are some of the Star Wars Art pieces we have, all links can be clicked to take you directly to the art on our website;
Star Wars Propaganda Posters

These are just two of our great collection of Star Wars propaganda posters, based on the original WWI & WWII propaganda posters these artworks are a great twist!

Star Wars Propaganda Posters
Star Wars Motivational Posters

We currently have 3 Star Wars motivational posters although we’ll be creating more soon so watch this space… these motivational posters are all available as canvas prints or framed prints.
Vintage Star Wars Movie Posters

We have over 10 prints of the original Star Wars movie posters, there are 4 variants of the first movie ‘A New Hope’, 3 for Empire Strikes Back (the best one ever made!) and 1 each for Return of the Jedi and the 3 new ones. They are all high quality prints of the original Star Wars film posters.
Pop Art Canvas Printsstar wars pop art

We have a fantastic selection of Star Wars Movie Pop Art; the pop art features Storm Troopers artworks, Darth Vader and many more. These Star Wars pop art prints work so well due to the great contrast of black and white, for example, as seen in the storm troopers helmet artwork below.


Andy Warhol style Star Wars Pop Art

We have a couple of cool Andy Warhol style pop art prints in some pretty loud colours (typical of the original Warhol style), as with most of our art on the site, they are also available in different colour schemes on request. We also offer a full pop art creation service on our website if you want to have a pop art piece created using one of your own photos.

star wars all movies wall art
Star Wars Character Art

Last but far from least we also have a couple of miscellaneous Star Wars Art pieces, featuring Star wars characters art, these fan art pieces look great and are great gift ideas for all ages as they show all of the characters from all of the movies 1 to 6. We’ll soon we creating more of these so again, watch this space.

Please let us know if you have seen a style of Star Wars art somewhere else that you like as I’m certain we can create it for you, we are always keen to add to our collection if there are other styles that our customers want. Feel free to contact us at