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If you’re looking for one of the largest and finest collections of Cheap Canvas Prints Australia Online & Wall Art this country has to offer at prices that won’t break the bank, then there is no need to look beyond Blue Horizon Prints, we focus on affordable wall art Australia wide. We have a wide selection of high-quality canvas art pictures, our canvas image art come from a myriad of genres spanning from Modern Art with prints by artists such as Gustav Klimt and Piet Mondrian and many more, Graffiti Art, Contemporary Art, Pop Art with Art by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and much more, Surfer Art, Beach Canvas Art, Movie Art and Vintage Art to name just a few, these gorgeous artworks make great wall decor. You’re sure to find something for everyone, whether you’re shopping for your family members, friends, colleagues, even yourself. We have canvases to suit all tastes, wall spaces and homes and they may be cheap but we never sacrifice on quality.

Blue Horizon Prints Wall Art Australia Canvas prices can’t be beaten, We have a large selection of cheap wall prints and stunning framed wall art Australia prints. We offer a wide range of customising options to make your purchase unique to you and your unique sense of style but keep you from needing to spend exorbitant gallery prices. We offer free wrap styles and low cost subsidised shipping anywhere in Australia and worldwide for your art canvas or Framed Artwork. And if you need your purchase shipped anywhere else in the world, we’ll work with you to give you to find the best and most affordable shipping option without sacrificing the quality of service or speed. Even Large canvas art Australia orders are accommodated with ease.

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We believe in good prices but NEVER sacrifice, all art is made in Noosa, Australia. Concerned about the space you have available? Our focus os being the number one provider for Wall Art Australia and as such are happy to help answer any questions you may have. You can choose several small pieces to complement one another and fill in a large space. Or you can choose to get your print on one of our largest landscape canvases so that it becomes the focal point of any room. Our expert team of customer representatives is more than happy to work with you to choose and design a piece that is perfect for you. We are an online art gallery specialising in quality but cheap canvas wall art prints but you can always call us or drop by to see us in our studio in Noosa, Queensland, there are always wall hangings and framed wall art Australia being printed.

Buy Wall Art Australia

In addition to having one of the largest collections of affordable wall art Australia or anywhere else, offers, Blue Horizon Prints brings also ensures the highest quality prints you can buy at cheap prices but never cheap quality, these framed wall decor pieces are made to last. All of our wall art prints are printed on 100% cotton canvas, using the latest inks to capture every fine detail of the original art you would find in a museum. We spare no expense. We use the best laminates and state of the art wide format printers. If you are looking to buy Wall Art Australia then you’ve arrived at the right place!

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All of our work is done in-house in Australia, so you don’t need to worry about your 3d canvas (stretched canvas) art piece being created in lesser quality print-houses. We’re so sure you will be absolutely happy with your purchase that we offer a money-back guarantee should you have any issues with the canvas wall art, so you can shop with confidence and know that you are getting the best from the best. We deliver our Framed Wall Art all over Australia Fast and securely. 

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At Blue Horizon Prints, we offer an enormous selection of wall art, wall decorations, framed wall art and paintings. Whether you need framed wall art for the dining room, or some wall hangings for the bedroom, Blue Horizon Prints can provide it affordably and fast. If you are looking for some additional tips on how to hang your wall art on the wall then check out the guide details below.


There are many different types of wall art available to buy from our Australian gallery. Each type of wall art has its own pros and cons. We’ve collated this short guide for you to help you decide

Canvas prints – These fantastic artworks are our signature option, they are hugely popular as they are very versatile, they resemble classic wall paintings, but naturally, they are printed on canvas, not hand-painted paintings. The major draw of these prints is that they are long-lasting and very durable. We use our own unique methods for printing and protecting the wall art to withstand the unique weather conditions here in Australia such as the harsh UV rays that can make cheap canvases fade quickly.

Framed wall art prints – If you do not like your print on canvas, you can also use the so-called post-print option. This kind of framed wall art print is often preferred by interior designers. because of its modern look. They are elegant and long-lasting options too.

Wall stickers and decals – If you are in transit and looking for an artwork option that both looks unique and can be transferred to various walls then these might be a good choice. Our decals are reusable and can be moved time and time again


Creating a beautiful and cosy environment in a residential space according to one’s specific tastes has eventually led to the increased demand in many methods for dealing with interior design. Things to consider are your house colour scheme such as painting/wallpaper colours, furniture colours plus many people have a ‘theme’ to their home such a vintage feel or beach theme.

Always consider both your homes colour scheme and setting when deciding on what framed wall art to choose for your home. We’ve written a pretty comprehensive article here.


This is such a popular question that we actually wrote a blog specifically answering the question, it mostly relates to canvas prints but we hope you’ll find it useful, you can see it here.


The general rule of thumb is to hang the wall art at eye level. Saying this, not everyone is the same height, so you can apply some simple measurements as well. For example, most people will not hang their wall art any higher than 155cm or below 100cm. We’ve written a great article here with a lot of specific details for you.


There are a few guidelines in terms of selecting what size Wall Art best suits your home, the first consideration is always the size of your wall space, is it a big room with a high ceiling? Or a slightly claustrophobic bathroom? Naturally, the size of the artwork is dictated by these factors.

The second major thing to consider interns of assisting you to choose the size of your war art is the furniture nearby. For example, if you have a fireplace on the wall, the wall art should be wider than the fireplace.


The good news is you have come to the right place, Blue Horizon Prints Australia is the perfect destination for you to select wall art on for any space, in any taste and for any occasion, we have quality affordable framed wall art for everyone. For quality Wall Art Australia then look no further then right here!