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Browse our Striking collection of 4 split panel canvas art prints Australia. we can also create this same split panel effect using your own photos and artworks. All four canvas art panels come with all fittings and hanging wire attached and are delivered ready to hang straight on the wall. Our split canvas prints are hand-made in Noosa, Australia.

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Split Canvas Wall Art

For a true one-of-a-kind, eye-catching look, check out our 4 Piece split canvas wall art! We have a huge range of 4 piece split panel art that you can hang on your wall.
Our selection of panel art includes photographs of amazing nature scenes, that are all shipped as ready to hang wall canvas prints. We have some amazing classic paintings that are also available as 4 piece split canvas wall art. Our 4-panel canvas wall art is all made in Australia.

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about how to hang you 4 panel wall art? We would be pleased to share our recommendations with you.

If you have bought a split 4 panel canvas print you may be wondering about the best spacing to give the canvases when you hang them on the wall. Attaching a normal printed canvas picture is very easy, but when your image is split across 4 split canvas wooden frames, it becomes a little trickier. The effect of the image flowing across the wall will depend somewhat on the spacing you make between the 4 split canvas wall art canvases. We suggest spacing your split canvases between two and three inches apart. This is enough for the separation effect to show whilst not creating too much of a gap, thus dissolving the flow.

T he gap does depend to some extent on the image and the size of the canvases. For smaller canvases, it would be best to decrease the gap. Consequently, increase the spacing for larger 4 canvas splits. With regards to the image style, this is hard to quantify as it becomes an individual preference, but if the picture has obvious flowing elements then you can afford to hang the canvas a little further apart if you prefer. Without image elements that do not stretch across the breaks, it would be best to keep the frames a bit closer together.

T he best way to determine your perfect spacing for your 4 piece split panel art is by laying them out on the floor and playing around with the spacing. Try looking at the artwork from different angles and ask someone else for their input. When you have decided on the ideal spacing, measure the gap and use this measurement to accurately reflect the layout on your wall. Make sure you have a tape measure and pencil to mark out the correct fit before drilling. This may sound silly, but measure twice – you’d be surprised how many times you can measure something wrong and regret it later! Ideally, it’s best to have another person to help you with alignment and hanging the 4 wall art panels.

4 piece split canvas art is fairly lightweight due to the wooden frames, compared to heavy traditional framed prints with glass fronts. This means you can use a relatively smaller screw to hang each canvas panel. Use a wall plug to ensure a good strong grip on the wall, especially if it is a larger canvas picture.

If you need further help or advice on choosing or hanging your 4 piece canvas wall art please feel free to reach out to us. We proudly make high quality and reasonably priced canvas art prints here in Australia.