Wall Art Online

Looking for wall art online? Then we have the website for you! At Blue Horizon Prints we specialise in top quality wall canvas prints at unbeatable prices. On one website we have a massive range of wall art options such as printing your photo on canvas, transforming your photo into pop art, creating stunning canvas collage prints, eye catching typographic personalised art or simply browse through our enormous collection of wall art online.

Your photo on canvas
Giving a photo on canvas is a guaranteed hit for any occasion, carefully selecting a nice photo, uploading it to the website, selecting options such as zoom in or zoom out or even black & white or sepia, then in just a few easy steps this meaningful photo becomes a great piece of wall art that will make someone very happy!

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Custom Pop Art Service

Another option for choosing your wall art online is to have a favourite photo made into pop art, Andy Warhol style! There is a great selection of bright and breezy  styles from the classic style used by Warhol to other wacky options that look great and add a real twist to a regular photo. Below are just a couple of the styles available.

wallart_1  wallart_2

Custom collage canvas prints

Take advantage of our great canvas collage creation service, we have a few different styles to choose from, we will transform your photos into a stunning collage art / montage and even email a proof for approval before printing. We can make the collage using up to 30 photos, all at unbeatable prices compared to other wall art online printing companies. The one shown here was created for a customer recently. In order to utilize this service simply logon to bluehorizon.localwebninja.com/canvas_art/collage_canvas/ upload your photo and follow the simple steps.

We also offer an amazing personalised art service creating custom typographic art for occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversary’s. These great word art designs are the perfect present for almost any occasion! Here is a couple that we have created for our customers recently.


The gallery has over 500 different wall art online designs that can be bought as stretched canvas prints, framed prints or just printed on canvas or archival paper. These wall art designs include stunning panoramic prints from around the world, a massive range of vintage posters on canvas such as vintage movie posters, vintage travel posters, world war propaganda posters and even over 200 prints of the original rock ‘n’ roll concert posters. The gallery also has amazing surfing canvas prints, bus and tram scrolls, pop art and much much more! Blue Horizon Prints is the number 1 wall art online canvas distributor in Australia for great quality, choice and price! Cheap canvas prints at unbeatable prices!

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