Shirley MacArthur Painting Art Prints

We are over the moon to be able to offer a massive selection of lovely cute prints of the artwork by Scotland based artist, Shirley MacArthur, we hope you’ll agree her artwork is totally unique and absolutely gorgeous. Here at Canvas Prints Australia we are in love with her artwork and for so many reasons, it’s cute, it’s colourful and it’s also extremely versatile, the artwork suits a wide variety of homes, wall spaces, age categories and people.
Shirley MacArthur is a self taught full-time Scottish Artist. Much of her time is spent painting Highland Hairy Cows – creating a cheeky and curious character in each one. Each painting is created with a desire to bring a happy feeling into a home – and ultimately – To Make You Smile ! Her Highland Hairy Cows, Happy Hares, Nosey Cows, Nosey Dogs and Happy Horses are now being sold all over the world.