Photo to Canvas Prints: Choosing the Correct Shape

In this article you can find a few tips about selecting the right shape of canvas for your Canvas Prints Melbourne. Some people have trouble selecting the best shape to suit their photo and are unsure of which size and orientation they would like. Below you can find some advice for making the right choice for having your photos printed on canvas.


Having photos printed onto a square canvas is rather popular. This can be easily completed if your photo is already square. However, if your photo is in the standard rectangular shape, like that of a normal digital photo, then you will need to have it cropped.

Generally you will want the main subject of the photograph towards the centre of the Canvas print. Problems can arise here if the subject is positioned near the sides of an image as they may be cropped or printed to close to the edge. It is best to check this out to ensure that the photo is alright before giving the go-ahead to print the photo onto canvas.


A rectangular shaped canvas will suit most photos taken by a regular digital camera. You can choose to have your photo printed in either portrait or landscape orientations. When having your images printed on to a rectangular canvas you want to make sure that your subject is not too close to the edge. With a gallery wrapped canvas your subject may not be visible if it is too close to the edge.


These shapes of canvas photos are best used for landscape or scenic photos. Panoramas can be quite impressive, but like other shapes you will need to make considerations before deciding. As the majority of digital photographs are rectangular in shape, parts of the photo will need to be cropped.

The best thing to do here is to visualise your image with parts of it cropped from the top, bottom, sides or even all three. You’ll need to decide if the remaining part of the photo still shows the main focus point effectively.

The skyline over a beautiful country field or ocean can make a fantastic panorama photo. These types of photos are the easiest to crop as you can take parts from the land, sky or sea without taking away the main focus point. It is a good idea to request a sample of your panoramic canvas print before having process completed.

Canvas Sizes

Choosing the right size canvas art for your photo depends on a number of factors. If the photo resolution is low, a large canvas will not come out with a clear and sharp image. By enlarging an image too much it can become pixelated. This is where you can see each individual pixel rather than the pixels merging together to form a smooth image.

If you have any questions regarding the size, shape, resolution or canvas finish please contact us on , at Blue Horizon Prints we are happy to assist you in ensuring that you choose the right canvas for you!

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