The 100 Year Old Memory


Usable photography was invented way back in 1816 by Nicephore Niepce. Even though he was not the first man in the history of the world to capture an image, he did capture a photographic image that could last an extended amount of time. Mankind’s quest to capture a picture has been around for centuries and continues to evolve. This evolution has led to the widespread production of photos on canvas.

Canvas Prints or Giclee prints as they are also know, have amazing durability and they are significantly more durable than a typical printed photograph. Canvas is a very durable material that can last for tens or even hundreds of years. Printing photos on canvas is a process that allows a photo to be admired for many years into the future. The lifespan of a photo can vary greatly and really depends on the medium on which it has been printed. Printing photos on canvas ensures that the photo will survive the test of time. On top of this, canvas produces a charming quality as it ages.

Tests are conducted on canvas in photographic laboratories to ensure that it will last a century. Such tests usually involve shining UV lights at the image for an extended period of time. This is done in order to gauge how long it takes for a photo to completely fade. Canvas is a beautiful way for you to preserve your memories for a long time and your photos can remain in prime condition for decades.

With some photos, life expectancy may be an issue. If this is the case having a printed on canvas is a great idea and will assure that the image will last. By doing so, you will reduce the chance of a photo needing restoration in the future. This is a fantastic benefit of photos on canvas as ordinary photos can become wrinkled or possibly even fade away overtime. Photos of your glorious wedding day may be lost forever, but those printed on canvas can maintain their sharpness, contrast and colour depth for years to come. Many photos on canvas can see a good 100 years before needing any restoration.

Unlike ordinary photographs, those printed on canvas do not need to be cared for and stored as well as typical photos for them to last such long periods of time. This can save a lot of energy wasted in the upkeep of your photos over the long-term.

There is also a big difference in the way canvas photos look and feel. Unlike photo paper, canvas has a rough surface which adds a fantastic texture to your photo. This also makes your photo look a lot more like an oil painting rather than a printed photograph. On top of these differences, your photos can also be printed in a variety of sizes and some are able to be printed on very large pieces of canvas.

The best way to ensure that your canvas photos last a century is to keep them away from areas where they may receive a lot of direct sunlight. Sunlight will cause your image to fade over time. Water is also an enemy of photographs on canvas, so it is wise to keep your photos in dry areas with low humidity. Keeping the canvas print clean will also help to prevent dust particles permanently adhering to the photo.

Printing canvas prints Brisbane is a great way to ensure that your photos survive over 100 years.

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