Bold, Bright, and Eye-catching – Your Photos Become Pop Art

Pop art is still popular, since its introduction decades ago, because it is so very bright and cheerful. The combination of simple areas of colour with contrasting hues or black and white images can create pop art canvas prints from your own photos. Blue Horizon Prints makes it fun and easy to turn your favorite photo into a work of art. A pop art canvas print can really brighten up a dark corner of a room or add a splash of cheek to a room done in a neutral colour scheme. Pop art prints are a great way to break out of an artistic rut.

Probably the most influential figure in the pop art movement, Andy Warhol and his paintings are known worldwide, and now you can use your own photos for pop art canvases done in the Warhol style. Warhol pop art is famous for repeating images in varying fields of color, and your daughter, son, or even pet can be featured in canvas prints in this lighthearted style. Your images, either in black and white or color will be superimposed against a background of yellow, purple, blue, and red on archival canvas with the best quality Epsom inks. Lamination will make sure that your print is protected against dirt and dings, although the print should be kept out of direct sunlight.

A tour through are different styles will show you that Guevara pop art prints are also available. While not an artist himself, Che Guevara’s image in stark black and white on primary colors also introduced a new theme element into the modern art scene. It’s easy to add a friendly countercultural touch to your home by portraying yourself, your family, or your dog or cat as a Guevara canvas print. You need only upload your photo, let the people at Blue Horizon Prints know exactly what you want, and they’ll do the rest. You can count on this firm’s professionalism to produce a crisp artistic statement.

We all grew up looking at comic books, and this is an art style that has been impressed into all our psyches. It’s a fun and simplistic, but also realistic style that is perfect for producing Illustrated Pet prints. Whether you have a purebred dog or one of uncertain heritage, you’ll be pleased and proud when you see the treatment given to your print.

Fans of Banksy will also find the style of their favorite street artist well represented at Blue Horizon. Your uploaded photo will be transposed against one of the favorite Bansky street scenes, such as a brick wall. Splashes of color, either on the wall itself, or on the subject, draw the eye into the canvas to bring a bit of the city into your home.

We live in a fast-paced world and once we order something, we want to get it as quickly as possible. No problem here – your canvas print will be on its way to you within 3 days if you live in Australia, and regular shipping here is free. Those living in other UK countries also get free shipping.

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