All-time Best Movie Vintage Posters

Not only have vintage movie posters become highly-collectible through the years, they have become a part of our history. These posters represent the movie culture of a time long gone by.
vintage movie poster casablancaIf you are a collector of vintage movie posters, then it’s important for you to know all of the ins and outs of making that ideal purchase. Buying a poster that you just couldn’t live without will be a definite asset to your collection. If you are a vintage movie poster collector then you have most likely sought out deals online, in auction houses, vintage shops, poster stores, comic book stores and anywhere a vintage poster might be put up for sale, or auctioned off.

Some of the best all-time vintage movie posters are from the old black and white movies. Elegant pictures of Actors like Betty Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, etc., grace the walls of many a vintage shop.

Another great way for you to find the best all-time vintage movie poster is to go to comic book conventions. There are thousands of conventions held each year in the United States alone. Most charge a small fee for you to get in. Once you are there you will have access to hundreds of vendors from around the country who are all gathered together in one place. You can find vintage movie posters that you might not have found otherwise. The best part is that you can form relationships with the vendors who may be able to connect you with other collectors and sellers who are much more knowledgeable.

Having a good relationship with a seller of an item you may be interested in is imperative. This person can help you obtain an extremely rare find. You also want someone who will give you the best price possible. If you do business with someone you are unfamiliar with, you may end up getting ripped off, or even scammed. You may think you are buying something that is an original when in fact it could be a reprint.

One of the popular posters at the moment is for The Book of Mormon. “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Avenue Q composer Robert Lopez are the creators this new comedy which follows two young men who travel to Uganda to convert the residents to Mormonism.

Most recently, a poster framing store in NYC had obtained a poster from the original “Frankenstein” movie. The poster was so rare that it could’ve been worth up to one million dollars if authenticated. It turned out that the poster was actually real and not a reprint. Unfortunately, the store owners did not want to part with their treasure and decided to hold onto it.


If buying a vintage movie poster for a million dollars is out of your price budget there is always the option of buying a vintage movie poster on canvas, Blue Horizon Prints is an online art gallery based in Australia but delivering all over the world. This online store sells prints of some of the most famous movie posters of all time ranging from such cult classics as the original Dracula and attack of the 50 foot women to Avatar.

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