Print your favorite photo onto canvas


Blue Horizon Printing article on printing your photos on canvas

Photos are the only memories which we can capture for eternity. What else can reveal the innocence of your childhood, impishness of your teens, energy of your youth and gravity of your age beyond the twilight years? How many times you have taken out your old photo album and glanced through it with nostalgia? Have you ever regretted that possibly the photos weren’t better preserved? The dog eared photos, sepia colored photos, faded and jaded photos stare at you apologetically. But there is an alternative. Print your photos on canvas and ensure a long life for them. Canvas Prints are a fantastic media which can preserve your original toothless smile as a baby even when you are well into your old age.

There is a misconception that canvas means a huge, big wall mounted giant of a photograph. Nothing can be further from the truth. You can print your favorite photo on canvas of any size. From a few inches long to one which can take up an entire wall  everything is possible. The family photo staring at you from your bedside can be magically enlarged and then printed on canvas, transforming it from a simple photo to a great piece of canvas art. Canvas prints come in all types of shape and size: you can choose the one which most fits the space you are looking to mount it on. You can print your favorite old photo on canvas after getting it retouched. Many old memories are captured on photos and with time most fade away or turn sepia colored. With digital art, you can convert all these into vibrant and lively photos which can later be printed on canvas. You have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. The possibilities are endless.

Another reason why you should print your favorite photo onto canvas is the cost. The major advantage of canvas is the cost and long life. You photo on canvas can outlast you in terms of its life. More importantly, a well made canvas from Blue Horizon Printing retains the original vibrant colors and nuances of shades better than many other media. Your photo on canvas will look as good as new for many many years. And it won’t develop dog ears nor will it fade away like your memory.

Print your favorite photo on canvas and give them as a present to those close to you. People receiving a canvas print are always delighted and happy to have those shared memories encapsulated on canvas. Memory plays little tricks with us and we are often surprised to look at ourselves when young. Photos on canvas make wonderful gifts since they make us relive our happy past. Weddings, birthdays, favourite pets, school picnics and other such occasions should be captured on canvas.

At Blue Horizon Prints we make it easy for you to print your favorite photo on canvas. All you have to do is upload the photos, specify the type and size of canvas then sit and wait a few days for the canvas to arrive at your door, ready to hang on the wall. Nothing can be easier than this and nothing can match the thrill of hanging your finished photo on canvas on the wall.

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