Update Your Home Décor with Modern Art Prints

Most of us will eventually reach a point when we look around our homes and just sigh.  The furnishing and decorations will just have reached a saturation level where just we don’t want to look at them any longer.  When you need to freshen up your home, to get a new outlook and feeling, you’ll find that modern and contemporary canvas art prints have the ability to give the entire house or apartment a ‘facelift’ that will make your home a pleasure to be in once again.

split canvas printThe modern art movement has challenged all of us to take a fresh look at the world, and you can invite this new perspective into your home with a work such as Kandinsky’s ‘Landscape with Rain’.  The bright colors, juxtaposed with both angular and curved shapes hint at buildings, water, and sky while still leaving plenty of room for our own imaginations.  Simply because the forms in the painting are so indefinite, this canvas print would fit in with almost any room design, and the colors would form an intense focal point in a neutral scheme.

And if one room in the home is looking particularly drab, there could be no better way to cheer it up than by hanging a dramatic and eye-catching canvas print of ‘Red Room’ by Matisse, https://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas_art/1/77/product_details/.  By using the original work of art for their starting point, Blue Horizon Prints has been able to capture all the intensity and depth of color exactly as Henri Matisse painted the canvas originally.

Still another approach to enlivening your living space is by using Abstract and Contemporary canvas art prints.   You will find yourself mesmerized by the swirls of color in many of the canvas art prints, such as ‘Burning Night’ or ‘Electric Waves’.  Canvas prints can be chosen for the ability to blend in with existing furnishings or to form a contrast that will accent the qualities of the décor.  ‘Circular Radiance’, with its emphasis on soothing pink tones will help calm you after a frazzling day, and you can definitely find yourself energized by ‘Light Flower’.

Blue Horizon Prints dedicates as much attention to the quality of its Modern and Abstract and Contemporary artwork as it does to its photo portraits.  You will have the choice of having your art printed on canvas or paper, both of which are archival quality.  Whether your art comes already stretched or unstretched is also up to you, and the self-wrapped edging means that no frame is needed.  Available in sizes from small to extra-large, you’ll be thrilled at the color and form statement that will transform your home from ordinary to terrific.