The digital print process

Before deciding on a digital art prints service, it is very important to know something of the printing process and quality. While your photograph may look good in the view-finder, it will look completely different when printed on a canvas. Actually, the main reason for a good or bad canvas print is the photo quality. A high quality image guarantees a good quality reproduction. However, what if the photo quality is not up to the standards? What if there is a poor exposure or focus problem or poor resolution? Will this affect the print quality? Well, here is what you have to look for in a dedicated service-the printing process. The first question every customer asks to a digital prints service is: how will my canvas print look like? Most services follow industry standards and try their best to give the best quality prints. However, they are limited by what the customer sends. Sending high quality, hi-resolution images to these services will ensure a perfect digital canvas print. Remember, a bad, out of focus photo will not create a good canvas print and unfortunately digital canvas prints services cannot work miracles.

There are several minor camera issues that hamper the printing process. They are usually small details than with a basic level of knowledge can be easily fixed. Problems such as camera shakes poor focus or over /under exposure may significantly reduce the quality of the photograph. This affects its print format as well. Hence, good quality photographs are of sheer importance if you want a smooth printing process and high quality photo canvas art.

The quality of prints generated by the digital canvas arts service is different from the prints developed at your home. Home printers tend to over-saturate the colors of an image and increase their contrast. Digital canvas prints services use advanced printing process to ensure high quality photos. The high-end printers offer a very realistic reproduction of the photographs. Moreover, the color fidelity maintained by the printers is at par with the prints developed by a home printer. Lastly, most people are concerned about the longevity of a canvas art print. A quality canvas print service such as Blue Horizon Printing have the finest canvas, ink and an exceptional UV protection which ensures longer lasting canvas prints for up to 75 years!

For exceptional quality canvas prints, when you dont want to make sacrifices when you print your photo on canvas, look no further than Blue Horizon Printing.

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