Tips to click water drop photograph

Water drop images are rather easy to click and they look superb. These photographs of still water drops splash in the water, or on the way in the water are easy to click. Such photographs are not at all difficult to get as long you can have the patience, and right tricks to follow. So let us look at few basic ideas for creating these images.

Introduction There are actually three types of high speed photography, water drop, insects and birds in flight. The insects and birds require special skills but the water photography does not require any special kits. You just simply need the body of camera, a lens which would allow you to take close up, tripod, a colored background, and flashgun: which would be very effective to use.

Get started So first you have to think what would be the lay out. The camera must be placed where the drop of the water would be dropped. Then lay the background. Flash needs to be placed at the right side of the place the drop would drop and facing on a background. The flash will rebound of a background and it would give a good color which would depend on the color of the background also it would give attractive reflection.

Click the photos Then, you should create a little hole by a pin in the base of a bag. It would help you to build a stable flow of water and if you want the flow to be faster than you can actually make a bigger whole. But do remember that you have to fill your plastic bag with the water before making a hole. After this you can switch on your camera at manual focus. Set the manual mode of the camera at 1/60s, f/22. Also ensure that you are working in the dark also, as this would help you to improve the colors and your flash would also work in a better manner. Remember there should be a continuous flow. Just grip down a shutter for 7 shots, you can than have a look and can repeat the process as many times.

How would you achieve the drops in colliding? Well this would come with the hole in your plastic bag, if you create the hole of the right size while experimenting; you will finally get the rapid flow of the drops. It is kind of miss and hit; you have to be patient enough, so if you are clicking 500 shots, then just expect the only 5 would come good.

About the author: Arvind Sharma is an amateur wild life photographer. He is associated with Pixpa – an photography portfolio website solution provider which provides portfolio website for photographers.

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