How to photograph small items like glass, beads and jewellery

decorative-jarsThe small items like glass, jewellery and beads are quite tough to Photograph. These items are quite small and highly reflective, so just pointing the camera and clicking a photo would result in bad results. People see lots of images in a day so you just need to create a photo which people would notice.

Most of the times pictures fail as they fail to initiate an emotional reaction with the viewer. Use various things to create your picture best therefore when people see your image they should be impressed and your photo should leave some impact on them. So let’s see some tips which would help us to click photos better especially small items.

Lighting The main secret of a good Photograph lies in the lighting and the setup. Create the effect of dramatic lighting. The effect can be achieved by the direct lights angle to raise the essential parts of the jewellery. Normally the jewellery is reflective that if you would use the direct lights than you will get the black reflections. Gemstones, polished gold and diamonds normally reflect 100 % of light. You need the soft lighting to mould a form which gives an illusion of 3d and depth. This can be done by just using the softboxes or light tents to filter the studio lights. This approach would help to create your model good. Pearl necklace is the one special case where we can have the best shot by just using the source of a single light. This would help to give a spherical nature. If you want to create more impact than the soft light can be combined with the directed hard lighting. Different usage of backgrounds can also provide you with silver and black reflections.

Glass photography Taking the good pictures of glass objects could be intimidating. Though, there are few simple techniques which would help the photographers to get impressive results with fewer efforts. You just need a light tent, light panel and studio lights. The light panel should be placed under the glass piece. To create the backdrop for a glass, we need a good background. Use the light tents of different sizes. Also, make use of graduated background.

Beads and necklace Here it is essential to use the spot focus, so you need a tripod and the light tent. Putting a light panel would help you to light the interior of beads. The basic keys to good photography for small objects are exposure, lighting and focus.

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