Who is the best surf art photographer in Australia?

We are running a little quiz on our Facebook and blog to see who our customers and Facebook fans think is the best surf art photographer in Oz, there are some amazing photographers that make the effort to get up for those beautiful sunrises, stick around for the amazing sunsets and capture those glorious crashing waves.


We have shortlisted down to the following 10 surf art photographers;
surfing art, surf photographyPhoto by Blue Snapper http://www.bluesnapper.com.au/Stunning surf and lifestyle photography from Sydney’s Northern beaches by a surf enthusiast called Alex Marks. ‘Blue Snapper is a photography website showcasing and documenting Sydney’s Northern Beaches.’ “If the waves are cracking get on here and check it out.”
www.seanscottphotography.com.au/‘Creating a unique style of his own, Sean Scott continues to lead the way in coastal landscape and surf art photography. Having galleries located in iconic surf locations, Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta, Sean’s work is becoming increasingly sought after while contributing to exhibitions within Australia and internationally.’


A pillar of the surf media for the last four decades? Well it’s kinda true but doubt Peter Wilson would want to be spoken of as such, because pillars aren’t too mobile.
Ever since, photography has taken him down some interesting paths: from a young long-hair calling the PR shots amid the buzz cuts of the Australian Defence Force; to head of staff at Deakin University’s photography department; on the road covering Prime Ministers, rock royalty, and the Dalai Lama; to a long stint with Quiksilver as their Australasian marketing, media and promo guy.


Sean Scott PhotographyPhoto by Sean Scott Photography

Surf photography by Alex Frings
Surf photography by Alex Frings
http://www.alexfrings.com/Alex Frings is a photographer / cinematographer residing in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia. His mission; Capture emotive moments worth treasuring under exceptionally majestic conditions.


Oceaneye is the pursuit of outdoor photography. Capturing moments in ocean time; the waves, the wildlife, and the early sunrise. Australia has a truly unique environment worth preserving in every sense of the word. The natural world is beyond amazing! and our lives are way too short to be missing the greatest show on earth.


Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams is one of the worlds best surf photographers, having captured classic images which have adorned the covers and pages of so many surfing magazines in the last 20 years its to difficult to count. Capturing amazing surf photography with stunning water imagery to breath taking sequences from the beach to mind blowing photography from helicopters and jet skis.

http://www.aquabumps.com/Aquabumps is a website and daily email dedicated to early morning beach life. Aquabumps depicts images of waves, surfers (good and bad), swimmers, sunrises and whatever happens in the wee hours down the beach every weekday.  Which beach?  Bondi mainly (we’re based there) but quite often Hawaii, Tahiti, Maldives, Indonesia and Fiji.  We’ve been doing this since 1999 (that’s 13 years kids, well before blogs became popular).

“It’s not only Ray’s ability to swim in wide open slabs but his command of light, variety and pure passion for chasing that ‘perfect image’ that will propel him for many years to come.”

Evan Slater
Director of communications, Hurley Editor
Surfing Magazine 2001 – 2009

Photo from the art Aquabumps Gallery Photo from the Aquabumps Gallery

“A profound depth to the quality of his photography for only shooting such a short time. Nothing gimmicky, no smoke and mirrors, just a beautiful show of waves and surfing.”

Peter Taras
Photo Editor
Surfing Magazine

Surf art by Surfscape  

Surf art by Surfscape

http://www.surfscape.com.au/Welcome to Surfscape Photography. This is the online gallery of Australian photographer Michael Gullan.
Michael is a photographer and surfer who is specialising in surf and landscape photography.

His endless drive to search for quality waves has resulted in traveling throughout Australia and internationally around the globe. His love of the ocean combined with a desire to capture magic moments finds him continuously exploring natures playground.

What started out as an online gallery of weekly surf photographs, has evolved into a culmination of all things ocean and surfing. When the doors were opened to the Sydney Gallery in Manly, a community for life-loving, ocean people who could tap into beach living was created.



The Saltmotion Gallery, located in Manly, Australia, is a place where the online world is merged with reality, offering a place to view the artworks you see in our daily reports in their full splendor. We have over 70 images on display at any one time, in varying sizes and framing options. Our friendly staff will assist you with selecting the perfect pieces for your home, your office or as gifts.We would love to hear from you to let us know your thoughts and favourites….