Amazing Street Art From Around The World

Amazing Street Art From Around The World

Street art can be appreciated and admired by everyone. There’s no need to fork out money visiting galleries, and there’s no need to have any prior art knowledge. And the best part is, there’s amazing street art everywhere. This article discusses what we consider to be the most amazing street art from around the world. We’ve also created a new infographic which hopefully you like.

Amazing Street Art InfographicWhat is street art?

Street art differs from traditional art in that it’s not created on a conventional canvas. Instead, street artists create their pieces in and on public spaces, often without permission!

Because of this, street art is often confused with graffiti, but there’s a big difference between them. Whilst both graffiti artists and street artists both see public spaces as blank canvases, graffiti artists work only with spray paint, whereas street artists use a whole range of art materials and methods.

Street art has become an art form dedicated not only for brightening the urban landscape but also to raising awareness about political and social issues.

Amazing street art from around the world

If you’re hoping to see some authentic urban street art for yourself, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some amazing pieces across the globe for you to visit.

Yellow Line Man canvas print
Yellow Lines Flower Painter by Banksy

Yellow Lines Flower Painter

This Banksy piece, found in Pollard Street, Bethnal Green, London, is a must-see for any Banksy fans out there. The Yellow Lines Flower Painter is one of Banksy’s most famous pieces, painted on the side of a working men’s club. It shows a working man, whose job it is to paint the yellow lines on the road, only he carries the yellow lines on across the pavement, and up onto the wall in the shape of a large yellow flower.

The piece was painted in 2007, and since then it’s become fairly damaged, with tags covering some of the a, and part of the wall having been removed. But still, the yellow flower stands tall and proud, and the piece is definitely worth visiting.

Peace Elephant

This street art mural, by Shepard Fairey, can be found on a wall of the West Hollywood Library in Los Angeles. The elephant holding a flower is a picture of peace, and with the red and gold sun rays, and dove, Fairey also worked in themes of freedom, creativity and tolerance.

The Peace Elephant is a truly meaningful and colourful piece of street art. Visiting this huge artwork is bound to brighten your day.

Women Are Heroes

Street art is something to be enjoyed by everyone, and JR’s Women Are Heroes project is one of the most inclusive pieces of street art in the world. The project consists of many different images showing women from all over the world who have been victims of conflict.

JR displayed these portraits of women around Paris, on bridges and walls along the river Seine. If you want to get the best views of the Women Are Heroes street art, head to the opposite bank of the river. This will give you the chance to stand back and take it all in.

The Kissing Sailor

You’re probably already familiar with the famous ‘V-J Day In Times Square’ photo, also known as the Times Square kiss photo, but if you head to New York, you can see this famous photo recreated in Eduardo Kobra’s street art: The Kissing Sailor.

This is a beautifully bright and colourful piece, that spans a huge wall surface on West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York.

Pedro Luján and his Dog

This is an impressive piece of street art by Martin Ron, located in Barracas, Buenos Aires. The art shows a turtle flying out of a hole in the wall, whilst an old man and his dog sit on the edge of the hole. The piece is one of imagination and creativity, and a beautiful sight to behold.

The Kissing Sailor Eduardo Kobra
The Kissing Sailor by Eduardo Kobra

Girls: Two of One Kind

If you head to Lisbon in Portugal, be sure to check out Telmo Miel’s impressive street art showing two girls dressed in purple. The two girls are created from the image of the one daughter from Parizone.

Ordering Machine

This piece is a clear frontrunner for the title of ‘Amazing Street Art From Around The World, it is not only an impressive piece of artwork but also one of deep meaning. The Ordering Machine relates to the relationship between mankind and nature, showing the difference between needs and belonging and consumption. It can be found in Rue Bergers, Grenoble, France.’,


In Brunswick, Melbourne, you can see a huge mural by Adnate, which depicts the face of baby Matari Clarke, an Aboriginal baby. This piece of street art not only brightens the streets of Brunswick but is also an important cultural work.

Giant Glasses P183 Graffiti Art
Giant Glasses by P183 Graffiti

Giant Glasses

P183 is a street artist who has often been referred to as the Russian Banksy, and the Giant Glasses street art in Moscow is definitely one of his most impressive pieces.

The piece shows a pair of glasses on the floor, with one arm folded in, and the other sticking up, in the form of a lamp post, making the street art a 3D piece.

On/Off Switch

The On/Off Switch, by ESCIF, is a particularly famous piece of street art located on the side of an apartment building in Katowice, Poland. From afar, this piece looks realistically three dimensional, and makes you feel a little like you’ve stepped into a real-life version of ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids.’

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