Memorable Gifts Start At Blue Horizon Prints

Memorable Gifts Start At Blue Horizon Prints

Sometimes, trying to figure out the best and most unique gift for a friend of family member can make your head spin.  Gifts for dad can be especially problematic, particularly if he already has a rack full of ties and all the golf clubs he needs.  When you’re looking for a gift that your dad will always remember, something that won’t just be tucked away in a drawer, choose canvas wall art from Blue Horizon Prints.  We are the place to visit when you’re looking for canvas prints Brisbane.

pop art framedTo be completely honest, the only trouble you may have when browsing through what we offer at Blue Horizon is how to choose just one print.  If your dad enjoys the outdoors, what better way to please him than by selecting one of our Panoramic Art canvas prints.  Mountain Reflections, Bondi Beach Panorama, or Twelve Apostles Panoramic are great choices, and will help to bring these incredible landscapes right into your home.  Another option for a memorable gift would be the 4 Split Panel canvas wall art.  These prints definitely make a statement and look especially good when positioned over a sofa or bed.

Not having to go back to the daily grind is certainly something most people look forward to, and retirement gifts mark a way to celebrate freedom from work.  Blue Horizon Prints can help you with a canvas print that will be sure to please any retiree.   Whether the recipient of your gift is a Harry Potter fan or not, the Keep Calm & Carry On canvas prints are a wonderful sentiment on their own.  The Union Jack Keep Calm is particularly eye-catching, but the Keep Calm and Carry A Wand print will certainly draw forth a smile.  These prints will also make appropriate 60th birthday presents for a favorite relative or friend.

Women in particular will be thrilled to get a Floral Art print as a gift, whether it’s to celebrate retirement, a birthday, or an anniversary.  My particular favorites are Vintage Poppy and Blue Orchid 3, which has a mysterious, otherworldly quality to it.  Because of the attention to detail that Blue Horizon artisans employ when making your print, the true colors of the flowers are captured perfectly.

If you’re looking for a gift for a teen or a car enthusiast of any age, take a look at our Hot Wheels prints.  We offer canvas wall art featuring some of the best loved and most famous vehicles.  One special way we show the cars is with extreme close-ups, which render the auto as a an abstract art object.  If someone you know has an attachment to Ferrari’s or Aston Martins, our prints will be a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Some major life events, such as a wedding or the birth of a baby, simply cry out for particular recognition.  Collage canvas prints can be made combining up to 50 photographic images.  Newlywed friends or relations will love a gift that highlights their wedding, and what new parent wouldn’t cherish a collage of their new child.

Blue Horizon canvas prints are made using only the highest quality materials.  The premium inks we use will hold their proper colours for decades, and our acid free, archival quality canvas provides the best backing possible.  Stretched over beveled hardwood frames, your canvas wall art will be ready to display as soon as it arrives.  Visit our website for the most unique gifts available anywhere.