Blue Horizon Prints offer Quality Canvas Prints

As the demand in Australia for high-quality canvas prints as a medium for displaying photographs increases all the time, so too is the number of printing companies that are on the market. However, not all of these are producing quality prints that will last. In recent times some of the big store chains have started to offer an in-house canvas printing service. Beware!

This article will outline ways that a canvas print should and also shouldn’t be made, there are great numbers of ways that corners can be cut which will lower the price. When buying a canvas print or printing your photo on canvas you should ask the company doing the printing some of these questions.

Piet Mondrian Art

High-Quality Canvas Prints

A canvas print, also known as a stretched canvas or canvas art, is the result of an image being printed onto a canvas. Wikipedia does a good job explaining a few more details.

As you can see the term leaves a fair degree of flexibility, there are a number of variables the printer uses, the type of ink used, the canvas quality then right through to the wood used to stretch the canvas onto.

The Printing Machine

As is often the way, the tools of the trade are vitally important, in this case, it is the printer used for the canvas prints. There are a number of types of printer, then also a wide variety of brands, some have a reputation for quality and others don’t. A canvas print is best printed with an Inkjet printer, this method involves spraying the inks onto the canvas and allows for a deep penetration of the inks into the canvas creating a quality look along with durability. The poorer quality canvas print companies will often use flatbed printers; these printers are the domain of commercial printing houses and are not specifically designed for printing on canvas.

Printing with a flatbed printer as opposed to an Inkjet printer may not always be immediately apparent unless you are an expert however after a relatively short time the difference can be very clearly seen. A giclee print (printed using the Ink Jet process) will outlast a canvas print using flatbed technology by up to 60 years or more. The canvas will be less likely to fade, its colours will remain more vibrant and the ink will stay on the canvas for much longer without any flaking. Blue Horizon Prints uses Wide format Epson Printers, these are Inkjet printers and are recognised as being the market leader in quality for printing canvas prints.

The Inks

Most inks used in the canvas printing process have a light-fast guarantee. This rating specifies a time frame during which there should be no visible fading of colours. A poor quality canvas print will use inks that have a limited light-fast rating. Over-time you will begin to notice a drop in quality. At Blue Horizon Prints we use Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment based inks that are light-fast for 75 years.

Canvas counts!

A wide selection of canvas is used by companies offering to print your favourite photo onto canvas. A poor quality canvas will often be thin, crumble or tear easily when stretched. High-quality canvas prints should be archival, heavy-weight and beautifully textured. At Blue Horizon Prints we use Canson canvas, the market leader that has won a massive number of awards. Take a look at the link below for an independent third-party review of Canvas canvas and also Epson printers.

A framed canvas print will be wrapped around a wooden frame, there are a number of ways companies can cut corners here, they can offer cheap, timber that will easily warp and ruin the way the canvas hangs, they will also use a light-weight timber frame. Blue Horizon Prints uses premium timber that lasts and looks significantly better. High-quality frames (used for canvas printing or art-reproductions) are usually also profiled. Profiling means that the minimum amount of canvas touches the frame, minimising the possibility of unsightly creases developing over time. Blue Horizon Printing uses quality kiln dried timber that will reduce any warping over time, we use a chunky wooden frame as standard adding a further look of quality to the overall effect.

At Blue Horizon Prints we have a reputation for high-quality canvas prints; we use premium materials and tools allowing our prints to be a market leader in Australia.  So If you are looking to print a photo on canvas or want to purchase great quality canvas art, visit us today to see what we can do for your walls.