The Most Stunning Wall Art Examples

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Decorating a home is one project with many moving parts.

The Most Stunning Wall Art Examples

Creating the perfect environment for you and yours depends on the furniture, flooring, painting, and room accents. Accents include anything from the pillowcase covers you use to the art you hang on the walls.

Each minor detail makes a major difference, which is why you should carefully consider what you choose.

This is especially true for the walls because they make or break a room. The walls wrap everything together to make each piece complement the space it shares.

To best approach this design opportunity, you need the right wall art.

Here are a few of the top choices for your Wall Art to consider.

Quotes and Typographic Art

Another One Bites The Dust Soundwave Art

Sometimes, a simple phrase can be what is missing in a room.

Maybe you want to share feelings of love and joy in your living room or togetherness and community in the kitchen. Maybe you need the perfect quote to show gratitude and intimate love in the master bedroom.

Wherever you’re looking to add some wall art, make the words mean something. Think about what you want the room to feel like, then find the quotes to express those emotions.

This is about much more than the right aesthetics. Words have the power to stir the heart in ways visual beauty cannot.

Vintage, Classic, or Modern Art

If visuals are what you’re focused on, try playing with the art of different eras.

The perfect canvas for you could be a vintage style movie poster or something you’d see in a cafe. Instead of vintage, the best piece for your home might be more on the classic side or progressive and modern.

Each has a very different vibe.

Vintage art expresses a sense of nostalgia and calmness. Classic art tends to be the high-end route, while modern art is not afraid to push some boundaries.

Which one best represents you and your character?

Browse these options to find your answer.

3 Piece Art

Morning Fjord Silvia Vassileva Triptych Abstract Prints On Canvas

Maybe instead of different eras, you want wall art that comes in different panels.

Panels are a beautiful way to add some life your home. They attract the eyes without being overbearing in comparison to the other design elements in the room.

Plus, you get to add your own little twist! Panels come in many kinds of sets. Some images will be separated into three or four panels, while other options go as high as five.

The more panels you get, the more room you have for creative expression. Each panel adds some depth to the room. You can choose to space them out evenly or to stagger the panels.

Landscapes and Panoramic Art

Landscape photos are one of the best kinds of art to break up into canvas art panels.

Or, you can keep the traditional approach and use one canvas. Don’t forget to consider a wide-angled panoramic photo of a natural setting, too!

Whether everything is intact or you use a few pieces to display it, you can’t go wrong with natural art.

This is a lovely reflection of the world around you. Landscapes and panoramic shots can bring a bit of the beach, the mountains, and the forests inside.

Many wall art providers also have animal photos and specific kinds of scenery for you to choose from. Some will specialize in ocean and water while others might be all about wood elements and lush green landscapes.

Map Art

Australia Topographical Framed Wall Art with PinsIf the thought of landscapes and panoramics have your sense of adventure tingling, see if you can find any map art pieces for your wall.

Maps are the ultimate interior design tool to bring our your inner wanderer. You can be sure there will be a sense of mystery and excitement wherever you hang something like this. The map serves as a reflection of all your travels and a sense of hope for those to come.

It doesn’t have to be any regular map, either. There are vintage takes on how to create this kind of wall art as well as modern interpretations – like maps with words as fillers.

There is one that is bound to speak to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up decorating it with all of your travels!

Abstract Art

Speaking of decorating, let’s talk about abstract art.

Using an abstract design as your wall art can really transform a room. It stands out just enough to make a statement, but still shares something similar to the room in order to fit in.

This piece will make people stop and think twice. It is also something you will never tire of looking at, no matter how long you have it hanging in your home.

Buy A Print of an Antelope by HugonnardBlack and White Art

To truly create a long-lasting interior design approach, consider using black and white. There is nothing more classic than this.

Black and white images look great in a room full of these neutrals or as a balance in a space where there are many colours in use.

They can be stunning, emotional images or easy-going, fun-filled shots. Some black and white art pieces are happy and alive while others are a bit dark and emotional.

Whatever you choose, though, you can be sure this kind of art will not go unnoticed. All you have to do is find the perfect place to hang such a beautiful piece.

Black and white art looks great practically anywhere. Hang it in your entrance hallway or in the master bedroom. Use it to decorate your spare room or as a key part of your living room decor.

Upgrade the Wall Art in your Home

Wherever you hang your black and white art – or any of the other art styles mentioned above – do so in context of everything else in the room. The best use of any wall art is when it can balance a room as well as stand on it own.

Are you sick of what is hanging on your walls right now? Are your walls feeling bare?

Not to worry, we have plenty of art options to help you turn a wall in your home from boring to beautiful. Click here to check out our designs!