Different ways of using Wall art

A home is a piece of art. And within a home are hundreds of square feet of blank wall space serving as open canvases just waiting to be used. The walls in a home should be an expression of the atmosphere within the space, and there are several ways in which to achieve a beautifully crafted work of “wall” art.

Framed Art

Framed art has always, and will always, be a very traditional choice for wall design.  Framed art is easily available with thousands of options in terms of color and design. With hundreds of frame colors, styles and sizes available, basically any piece of art a homeowner finds attractive can be put in a frame. Family photos, botanicals, landscapes, etc. are all examples of common framed art.

Tamarama Panorama canvasCanvas

Similar in nature to framed art but instead of a frame the canvas is stretched over a wooden stretcher bars. Canvas prints provide a touch of modern flair for dramatic effect.  https://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas-art/city-landscapes/, floral arrangements or abstract images work wonderfully in any space depending on the overall design. Available in modern, traditional, vintage or country styles, canvas prints transform blank walls into elegant works of art. Alternatively, create your own canvas masterpiece by using paints, and decorative accessories such as beads, buttons, ribbons, and silk flowers.


Mirrors are a wonderful piece to use in any room or entryway. Mirrors are beautiful to look at and function as a way to make a room seem larger. The reflection mirrors provide give the impression that a space is twice as large as it is.  In addition, mirrors work with natural light beautifully. Not only do mirrors reflect images in space, they also reflect light, making a room brighter and more inviting.

Wall Stickers

Decals are becoming more popular as choices for wall art as well. Available in everything from words and letters, phrases, quotes, flowers, and sports paraphernalia, the sky is the limit when using wall decals. Furthermore, decals for your home come in every size and color imaginable and can really personalize a room. Wall stickers are also very versatile, and easily removable. Place them on many different surfaces, and as a result they often resemble high end pieces of art work.

With so many options available to decorate an interior wall with, make sure the piece of art conveys the homeowner’s personal taste and style.  Artwork is expressive as it is and wall art in particular can add depth and interest to an interior space. Make a room a work of art with fresh, beautiful and elegant wall art!

Author Bio

Alison Evans has been written on behalf of wallart2u.co.uk