The importance of quality canvas

As the popularity of printing photos on canvas grows it is becoming increasingly popular to find a supplier that uses premium materials as opposed to lower grade, cheaper products that are available in the market. Some chain stores are now providing cheap canvas printing services however the results are usually less than satisfactory as is seen by many testimonials on the web.

Franz_Marc_Abstract_with_cattle_Canvas print
Canvas print

A good quality branded canvas is essential in order to get a good quality, long lasting canvas print. The major brands of canvas are all independently colour tested and the results made public. Many companies will not tell you the brand of canvas they use; this is because they are using cheap Chinese canvas.

If the canvas is an unknown brand or it hasn’t been independently fade-tested, then how can you know any good? You wouldn’t buy a TV if you didn’t know the brand. Canvases of unknown brand, origin or manufacture may be prone to fading over time and often even yellowing.

There are only a small number of laboratories worldwide that are considered an authority on colour reproduction, longevity, fading etc. The most highly regarded of these is Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Rigorous testing is done on the permanence of inks, consistency of the canvas or paper and their reactions in dry, humid, dark, light and protected conditions. The results are then published so anyone can access them. It is vitally important that the lab be an independent body and recognised as such. This guarantees the neutrality of the testing company and adds weight to the results.

Blue Horizon Printing use the Canson Infinity canvas and paper range. The canvas has been tested to over 100 years of colour lasting.