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Select your Canvas Wall Art size

We offer four standard canvas art shapes for you to choose from, you can then use our image cropping tool to crop or amend your image to any of these shapes however we recommend not cutting away too much of your original image.

The shapes are as follows;


Retro Geometric Concentric Circles Pattern Mounted Art Print Australia


Matthew 19:6 Biblical Quote Inspirational and Motivational Office Wall Art


Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Portrait Andy Warhol Collage Canvas Wall Art


Eastern Tranquility Sakura Pagoda Landscape Mounted Art Print Australia

Each of the canvas print shapes has between 9 and 12 size options available as standard for you to choose from, or you cant see the size you need to fit a specific area or wall space you can choose a custom size by simply typing in the size you are looking for, the site will automatically crop your image to show you what it would look like.