Herb Grosch.


September 13, 1918 – January 25, 2010

1918年9月13日 – 2010年1月25日

Dr. Herbert R.J. Grosch, “A com­puter pioneer who managed important space and tech­nology projects, Grosch is respected for discovering and describing the relationship between speed and cost of computers.”

Herb Grosch,1989年Herbert R.J. Grosch博士,“管理重要空间和技术项目的电脑开拓者,Grosch因发现和描述电脑的速度和成本之间的关系而受到尊重。”

— ACM Fellows Award Citation, 1995

– ACM研究员奖引用,1995年

“Years ago I thought I was the brightest guy in the world. Then I met von Neumann and Feynman. In recent decades I’ve settled for greatest name-dropper. Then I found Bemer’s sites!! Best to just shoot for crankiest? Or at least, crankiest nonagenarian”.

“多年前我以为我是世界上最聪明的人。 然后我遇到了冯诺依曼和费曼。 近几十年来,我已经找到了最好的名字滴管。 然后我找到了Bemer的网站!胡思乱想的的吗? 或至少,最狡猾的旬老人“。

— Herb Grosch, 26 November 2003

– Herb Grosch,2003年11月26日

From Herb’s 1991 autobiography: “I was made into a computer fifty years ago. I was the second scientist ever hired by IBM, and I watched the Watsons on Olympus, and Bill Norris and Ken Olsen and Gene Amdahl, and a thousand great commercial and academic figures. Later, for three amusing years, I was the top Federal computer honcho, and escaped to be editor of the major trade newspaper. I was a charter member of the world’s first and largest professional computer society, and the first national president ever elected by membership petition. I worked in Monaco and Switzerland and the Netherlands when I was too controversial to be employable in the U.S., and I consulted for the largest and best Japanese computer company…”

从赫伯1991年的自传:“五十年前, 我被制作成电脑。 我是IBM雇佣的第二位科学家,我观看了Olympus, 和Bill Norris 和Ken Olsen 以及Gene Amdahl上的奥林巴斯,,以及一千位伟大的商业和学术人物。 后来,在三个有趣的年代,我是联邦最高级电脑专家,并逃脱了主要贸易报的编辑。 我是世界上第一个也是最大的专业电脑协会的特许成员,也是第一个由会员请愿选出的全国总统。 我在摩纳哥,瑞士和荷兰工作时,我在美国就业太有争议,我咨询过最大最好的日本电脑公司……“


Herb is featured on this site because, with Wallace Eckert, he was one of the principal instigators of automated machine computing and computer science at Columbia University as an IBM Watson Lab scientist and Columbia faculty member, 1945-1950. In 2003 Herb noticed my history and we began a voluminous correspondence that lasted until his death; he has made countless contributions to this site as you can see by putting “grosch” in the search box on the main history page (or just click here).

Herb是被视为这个网站的特色,因为在Wallace Eckert,他是哥伦比亚大学自动化机器计算和电脑科学的主要发起人之一,担任IBM Watson Lab科学家和哥伦比亚大学教员,1945-1950。 在2003年,赫伯注意到了我的历史,我们开始了大量的通信,一直持续到他去世; 他已经为这个网站做了无数的贡献,你可以通过在主历史页面的搜索框中输入“grosch”(或者点击这里)来看到。


Herb was a human encyclopaedia; not only had he been everywhere and done everything, he remembered every detail: people, machines, events, organizations, programming techniques from the dark ages, every IBM machine and model over a span of half a century. He was generous and candid with his knowledge, which he passed on with a self-effacing sense of humor, and, it must be said, he was a deep and sincere appreciator of women, a rare quality even to this day in persons of his gender. As can be seen from his autobiography, he led an extraordinarily full life, and was remarkably open about his failings. Click on the image strip at the top to see a gallery of personal photos. Organizing and labelling these (and many others not yet shown) was a project he wasn’t able to complete.

草本植物是人类的百科全书; 不仅他到处都做了所有事情,他还记得每一个细节:人,机器,事件,组织,黑暗时代的编程技术,半个世纪以来的每台IBM机器和模型。 他慷慨坦诚地掌握了自己的知识,他以自我谦逊的态度传承了这一点,而且,必须要说的是,他是一位深刻而真诚的女性欣赏者,即使到今天他也是一个罕见的品质。 性别。 从他的自传中可以看出,他过着非常充实的生活,对于自己的失败非常开放。 单击顶部的图像条,查看个人照片库。 组织和标记这些(以及许多其他尚未显示的)是他无法完成的项目。

Career highlights:


US Naval Observatory, 1941.


PhD, Astronomy, University of Michigan, 1942.密歇根大学天文学博士, 1942年。

Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory at Columbia University, 1945-1951.


Charter Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 1947.


Giver, Grosch’s Law (1950): “Computing power increases as the square of the cost.”

Project WHIRLWIND, MIT, 1951.



President, American Rocket Society (now American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), 1951.


Lecturer, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK, 1954.

英国剑桥卡文迪什实验室讲师, 1954年。

First Manager of IBM’s Space Program, 1958-59.


Contributing Editor, DATAMATION, 1959-63.


Director, National Bureau of Standards Center for Computer Sciences and Technology (now NIST Information Technology Laboratory), 1967-70.


Fellow, British Computer Society (now The Chartered Institute for IT), 1959.


Editor, Computerworld, 1973-76 (26 Jul 1967 V1#2 COVER).

编辑,电脑世界,1973 – 76(1967年7月26日V1#2封面)。

President, Association for Computing Machinery, 1976-78.


Professor, Columbia University (1946-51), Arizona State College (now University) (1956), Boston U (1972), NMSU Las Cruces (1994), UNLV Las Vegas (Distinguished, 2002), Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto, (2003-2008). At Columbia, Grosch designed and taught one of the world’s first computer science courses, Engineering 281: Numerical Methods, beginning in 1946.

哥伦比亚大学教授(1946-51),亚利桑那州立大学(现为大学)(1956年),波士顿大学(1972年),NMSU拉斯克鲁塞斯(1994年),拉斯维加斯大学拉丁美洲大学(杰出,2002年),科学历史与哲学研究所 和技术,多伦多大学,(2003-2008)。 在哥伦比亚大学,Grosch从1946年开始设计并教授世界上第一个电脑科学课程之一,工程281:数值方法。


Selected Publications:

精选出版物:  [Cannot translate the followings. They are publications.]

Maxwell, Allan D. and H.R.J. Grosch, “Elements and Ephemeris of Delaporte Object 1936 CA”, Publications of the Observatory of the University of Michigan, Vol.6, No.11 (1937).

Grosch, H.R.J., Integration Orbit and Mean Elements of Jupiter’s Eighth Satellite, Ph.D. dissertation, University of Michigan (April 1942).

Grosch, H.R.J., and J.E. Willis, “Positions of Pluto”, Astronomical Journal, Vol.50, No.14 (June 1942), pp.14-15.

Grosch, H.R.J., “Ray Tracing on IBM Punched Card Equipment”, Journal of the Optical Society of America, Vol.35, 803A (1945).

Grosch, H.R.J., Bibliography on the Use of IBM Machines in Scientific Research, Statistics, and Education, IBM (1945).

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Grosch, H.R.J., “Multiplication of Small Matrices”, IBM, New York (1 Jun 1949).

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Grosch, H.R.J., “A New Level of Instruction in Celestial Mechanics”, Astronomical Journal, Vol.63 (1958).

Grosch, H.R.J, Computer: Bit Slices of A Life (first edition), Third Millenium Books (1991).

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Computer: Bit Slices from a Life, 3rd Edition (2003, full text online). (2003年,全文在线)。

Kleine Planeten (1947).

IBM 1948 Scientific Computation Forum

Messerschmitt Kabinenroller (und andere Kleinwagen) (1954 photo by Herb) 由Herb拍的照片)

Interviews by Richard R. Mertz, Smithsonian Institution:

July 15, 1970 (PDF, 36 pages). 1970年7月15日(PDF,36页)。

August 24, 1970 (PDF, 66 pages). 1970年8月24日(PDF,66页)

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March 30, 1971 (PDF, 129 pages). 1971年3月30日(PDF,129页)。

May 7, 1971 (PDF, 78 pages). 1971年5月7日(PDF,78页)

Brennan, J.F., The IBM Watson Laboratory at Columbia University: A History, IBM (1970).

Grosch, H.R.J, “Recollections of the Watson Scientific Laboratory, 1945-1950“, The Computer Museum Report, Vol.4 (Spring 1983).

Herb Grosch Papers (Smithsonian Institution)

A Conversation with Herbert R.J. Grosch (ACM Ubiquity, Volume 2, Issue 39, December 4-10, 2001) 2001年12月4日至10日)

Von Neumann versus Watson Sr. (Herb Grosch ACM Lecture, January 2003). 讲座,2003年1月)。

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Herb Grosch and friend with IBM 701 (1956).

Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory at Columbia University 1945-1970.

Columbia University Computing History (the sections from 1945-1950). (1945年至1950年的部分)。



Frank da Cruz / Columbia University Computing History / 2004-2013

Frank da Cruz /哥伦比亚大学电脑历史/ 2004-2013

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