Canvas Collage

At Blue Horizon Prints our focus is providing everything related to photos on canvas that our customers want. We noticed an increasing demand for photo collage on canvas art and decided to create state of the art ordering system allowing our customers to easily upload their photos and choose from a number of great canvas collage styles,

photo collage canvas system

The ordering system is extreemly easy to use, first just navigate to the page shown above to begin to create your photo collage canvas.

Step 1. Upload your photos onto the site using the ‘load my photos’ link shown on the screen above. There are a number of montage styles to pick from and your choice of collage will dictate the number of photos needed, you can see in the background of the screenshot above some of the styles available. The maximum number of photos that can be uploaded is 45 however most collage styles use a lot less.

Step 2. The next step is to choose your photo collage layout from the options shown in blue, just scroll down through tyhe various choices until you see the once you would like, just click on it and it will move to the forefront and be shown as the main image. At the same time choose a background from the scrolling options, you can choose from a number of nice background designs or click ‘remove background’ from the options below to simply have a plain background.

Step 3. Drag and drop the images onto the collage design where you want them then crop them to your specific requirements. You can add black and white effects to this using the buttons on the right. You can also choose to add text to the collage artwork anywhere on the face that you like by simply writing the wording in the box on the right hand side and moving the wording to wherever it looks best.

canvas montage art

Step 4. Click on the ‘show canvas’ button and choose the wrap type that you would like, the plain wrap is the most suitable for a collage, you can also hover your mouse over the floating collage on canvas display to see it from all angles. Finally chose your preferred size and click ‘add to cart’ to finish the process and pay for your art.

Your collage canvas print will then be despatched within just a couple of days, delivery times vary according to your location. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or enquiries, we are always happy to help.

Click here to start ordering your photo canvas collage today.