Bus Scrolls

Flinders St Box Hill Tram ScrollBlue Horizon Prints is the number one printer of Tram & Bus Scrolls in Australia, we print the most bus scroll artworks, we create the most designs for our customers, we also have the largest collection of designs available on our site for our customers. no wonder we are the first port of call for anyone looking to either create their own personalised tram scroll or buy a pre-designed tram banner / bus scroll custom canvas print! (forgive the pun ; )

Design your own Bus Scrolls here.

Here’s a little about our personalised art creation service, in particular how to have your own bus scroll created by us and some links to exactly where to buy them.

We have more than 100 great pre-designed tram and bus scroll prints for sale on this page, each print is available in 3 handy sizes and you can see that in the gallery there are 6 totally different styles to choose from, these are ‘Full Line style’, ‘Contemporary style’, ‘Centred style’, ‘Modernista style’, ‘Multi-font’ and ‘Multi-coloured’. Browse this selection of great Bus scroll designs here.

Design your own personalised art on this page. This page focussing on creating unique custom typographic art for occasions such as birthdays and weddings, a bespoke artwork is the perfect wedding gift idea as it shows that a lot of thought has been put into having this unique gift created.

The process of creating a bespoke typographic artwork is very easy, simply fill out the order form on the personalised art page (the link to it is in the paragraph above this), you’ll need to detail all your words, required colours for background and foreground then in the notes reference any styles that you like. Its as easy as that, we’ll then do the rest by creating a proof for you and emailing it to you within 48 hours fir your review.