Wrap options Page

The beauty of a stretched canvas print is the way the image wraps around the edge / sides of the canvas therefore the art can be seen from many parts of the room.

Here at Blue Horizon Prints we don’t really believe in plain edges for canvas prints, whenever we can we use photograph from the sides of the canvas. As we feel this has the greatest effect and is kind of the whole purpose of a canvas print.

We highly recommend leaving the default ordering option as it is when you order, i.e. ‘Let us choose’ as we will always do our best to make sure your art looks as good as it possibly can ever be. Nine times out of 10 we will work on magic with Photoshop, cloning edges, mirroring sides, removing objects that shouldn’t be there, also ensure that your art looks beautiful on your wall and you keep coming back to us.

This being said, you can see from the image below the standard options available for you when ordering a stretched canvas print. We’ll endeavor to explain what they mean on this page.


1. Blue Wrap

Sometimes there is a bit too much detail on the face of the canvas for us to mirror or clone what’s displayed in the face of the canvas onto the sides, when we are in this rare position we add the detail from the face of the canvas onto the sides but blur it so that it gives it the colour scheme of the image on the front. We rarely use this option as a preference.

2. Colour Grab

Again an option we rarely use ourselves when we are given the choice by customer’s, however occasionally it’s the right option for a specific type of art or just someone’s preference. We grab the primary colour from the image on the front of the canvas and use this for the sides.

3. Mirror Wrap

This is one of our two main options we use when we print photos on canvas, we use Photoshop and mirror the last 2 cm of the image onto the edges, as you can see in the example above where the small hut is reflected onto the side. This option works really well for most artworks however its limitations are situations where a person is on the edge of the canvas and obviously we cannot reflect someone’s arms or face onto the sides as it would look very strange. In this case we often mirror the photo edges but digitally remove the offending arm or leg for example.

4. Black wrap and White Wrap

These options don’t need a great deal of explanation, some customers simply prefer for various reasons to have a white or black edge to their canvas print, sometimes to suit their home for example or two match previous artworks. We try and avoid this option at all costs, it is usually what is produced by a canvas prints company that wants to keep costs down and minimise their work load by taking the easy option, for us it’s a no-no!

5. Gallery Wrap

The joint favourite option we use when we print photos on canvas for our customers, a gallery wrap is very simply where the image itself is wrapped over the edges of the canvas print, this works quite often the many photos however it does have some limitations for example where too much of the detail from the front of the canvas print photo is lost over the edges. As in the mirror wrap option, when we use the gallery wrap option we always take into account what is wrapped over the edge / what detail is lost on the sides and will often use Photoshop to help make your artwork look as good as it can ever possibly be.

Wrap options

This image above also shows more examples of the wrap options, it actually also shows an example of a bad mirror wrap, in this example (second one from the left) it shows the child’s arm being mirrored onto the side of the canvas this would be something we would avoid at all costs.

If you are still uncertain about what options to choose for your canvas print please feel free to contact us and we will happily help you however we advise to simply leave it with us by choosing the ‘let us choose option’, bear in mind it’s in our best interests to make sure that you keep coming back again and again to purchase more photos on canvas.