What is a Gallery/ Mirrored / Pixel Stretch Wrap?

After uploading the photo and selecting size you would like, you then get to choose from the wrap options, a wrap is the way in which the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars. We offer four wrap options;

Gallery wrap: The old favourite where we simply wrap the image around the edges, this is a great look / effect but please bear in mind that you will lose a few cm off of each edge/side from the front of the canvas.

Blur wrap: we blur the predominant colours from the canvas edges, this works well for some types of image, especially more abstract images.

Mirror wrap: We ‘mirror’ the last few cm of the canvas print, this is only suitable for landscapes and images where there are not too much detail at the edges of the front of the canvas, for example as you can see from the image below, the mirror wrap here doesn’t work as it repeats the edge of the child

Coloured wrap: We use a plain colour of your choice, using white, black or a predominant colour from the canvas.

Colour Grab: We use a predominant colour from the image for the edge, for example a predominant background colour makes a good wrap colour option or for outdoors photos a blue sky works well.

photo on canvas wrap options