What Canvas Do You Use?

 Stretched Canvas Prints

We print our Stretched Canvas Prints (giclee canvas prints) on 100% cotton 390gsm  canvas. We only use the best quality canvas with our canvases being carefully selected and imported to provide the best surface for our prints. The 100% cotton canvas is of the very highest quality and made to last.

cotton canvas printPolycotton VS 100% Cotton Canvas

The 100% cotton gives the canvas a nice texture and what is often described as ‘personality’ that helps the colours to jump out, when people think of canvas 100% cotton is what they normally think of, most paintings in galleries are cotton canvas. The downfall of cotton is that there is a slight variation between each print in terms of shade and colours however we think this adds character to each artwork and the canvas ALWAYS looks great!

The Poly-Cotton canvas is said to last a little longer (70 years instead of 60!), and is a little thicker and heavier at 430gsm, it has a much smoother texture but some printers prefer it as its cheaper and also more consistent is getting exactly the same tones on eveStretched Canvas Printsry print. We prefer the texture and authentic look of the cotton and use it as the default but will happily print on either according to our customer’s preference.

Canvas is measured in GSM, which stands for grams per square metre. The rule of thumb is the higher the GSM, the better the quality as it means you get a thicker more durable canvas that can absorb more ink and laminate. While many department stores and other providers print on anything down to 150gsm, here at Blue Horizon Prints we offer our customers nothing less than 390 GSM and often up to 430gsm! Ask other providers if they offer that!