Tram and Bus Scrolls

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Blue Horizon Prints are proud to offer these very popular vintage reproductions of  the 1950s tram and bus scrolls, these are almost identical to the destination signs used on the original Australian trams. Every effort has been made to ensure the very best quality, including using a 100% cotton canvas to give the canvas a rougher more original feel. As well as offering classic bus destination route scrolls for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Paris, New York and many more. We also offer a tram scroll customisation service for $30, customers can create their own tram and bus sign art. Many of these vintage bus and tram banner sign artworks use the exact destinations of the original vintage trams, with others we have had to use a little bit of artistic license. Feel free to ask us which ones are exactly identical and which ones are slightly different to the original tram routes.
You can Design your own Personalised Tram & Bus Scrolls here.