Framed Prices

These prices are for printing your artwork and framing it, the price includes printing on premium quality paper, then framing this using Italian timber, adding picture wire. Your framed print is delivered ready to hang straight on the wall.

*Prices are inclusive of GST, there are no hidden costs or extra charges.

Inches Cm Price
12in x 12in 30cm x 30cm $82
16in x 16in 41cm x 41cm $110
20in x 20in 51cm x 51cm $140
24in x 24in 61cm x 61cm $175
30in x 30in 76cm x 76cm $237
34in x 34in 86cm x 86cm $283
41in x 41in 102cm x 102cm $368
46in x 46in 117cm x 117cm $457
50in x 50in 127cm x 127cm $523
Inches Cm Price
10in x 15in 25cm x 38cm $84
12in x 18in 30cm x 46cm $100
18in x 27in 46cm x 68cm $158
20in x 30in 51cm x 76cm $181
24in x 32in 61cm x 81cm $213
30in x 40in 76cm x 102cm $294
34in x 51in 86cm x 129cm $389
40in x 54in 102cm x 137cm $466
44in x 66in 112cm x 167cm $594
Inches Cm Price
08in x 16in 20cm x 40cm $79
12in x 24in 30cm x 61cm $117
16in x 32in 40cm x 81cm $164
22in x 44in 56cm x 112cm $255
26in x 52in 66m x 132cm $326
32in x 64in 81cm x 163cm $451
Inches Cm Price
15in x 10in 38cm x 25cm $84
18in x 12in 46cm x 30cm $100
27in x 18in 68cm x 46cm $158
30in x 20in 76cm x 51cm $181
32in x 24in 81cm x 61cm $213
40in x 30in 102cm x 76cm $294
51in x 34in 129cm x 86cm $389
54in x 40in 137cm x 102cm $466
66in x 44in 167cm x 112cm $594
Prices Include:
  • Free choice of wrapping types
  • Free Image Manipulation such as removing red eye
  • Bubble wrapped and boxed
  • Discounted Shipping! We offer subsidised shipping all over Australia.
  • Protected with UV laminate