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Why are photos taken by an iPhone sometimes better than the ones by a compact DSLR

Well, I think this answer can be addressed technically of course but first lets approach it from a personal standpoint.   First, the IPhone 5 has a larger screen but still an 8-megapixel camera This version does have,  a new sapphire-crystal lens, and improved hardware enabling features like dynamic low-lighting adjustment, image stabilization It’s on the… Continue Reading

What are the best resources to learn advanced photography?

If getting out and doing is a viable and desirable option for you, then check in your area first.  College courses and local community classes are great choices as they are usually low cost and you can meet others in your area.  It’s a good way to trade tips in person and get hands on… Continue Reading

Caring for Your Original Canvas Art

As every artist knows, it is more expensive and challenging to paint on canvas than on paper. That is why most artists practice on paper and progress to canvas when they have mastered their craft. As a result, most of the world’s great paintings are on canvas, even though they require special care. What do… Continue Reading

Wall Art Gives Your House Personality

Anyone who has bought or rented a new house or apartment in recent years will know that they have the exact same home as their neighbour above them, next door to them and below them. These mass produced homes are built based on affordability which is great for young couples and first time buyers. However,… Continue Reading

Great Gifts for Dad

So you are trying to buy gifts for dad and even though you’ve asked him one hundred times he still tells you that he, doesn’t want anything, a card is enough or save your money. Whether you are looking for father’s day, his birthday or Christmas you want to get your dad a present to… Continue Reading

Contribute to our Site / Guest posts wanted

Here at Blue Horizon Prints we value giving our customers information and interesting articles to read related to art and photography. This in mind we are now announcing that we are accepting guest posts from skilled writers that want to contribute articles to our blog. If you would like to become a contributor please contact… Continue Reading

Personalised gifts

We thought we’d bring you a little reminder about our sister site as its receiving rave reviews! Our sister site specialisess in personalised art and gifts. The site is now about 2 years old and is going from strength to strength with more than 40 different styles of custom canvas prints or framed prints… Continue Reading

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